Tastykake brings all the fall flavors to its seasonal donuts

Tastykake Apple Cider Doughnuts, photo provided by Tastykake
Tastykake Apple Cider Doughnuts, photo provided by Tastykake /

Tastykake seasonal donuts celebrate all the fall flavors.

Sometimes a little treat is the perfect way to celebrate all the fall flavors. Tastykake seasonal donuts are just that bite. Who says that donuts are just for breakfast?

Tastykake finds many ways to capture the flavors of the season. Whether it is a bright orange citrus for summer or a warm, pumpkin spice for fall, these mini donuts are the perfect way to indulge that craving without feeling too guilty. After all, tasty food should never be served with a side of guilt.

For the fall, Tastykake has two seasonal mini donuts. They are Pumpkin Spice Mini Donuts and Apple Mini Donuts.

The Tastykake Pumpkin Spice Mini Donuts are a pumpkin spice cake donut which is sprinkled with cinnamon. The warm spices come through in each bite.

Thinking about these mini donuts, it can be fun to serve these treats with something other than another pumpkin spice latte. Why not enjoy these donuts later in the day with a pumpkin beer. If you haven’t had some donuts and beer pairings, you need to try this food trend.

Another seasonal donut flavor that is the perfect fall flavor is the Tastykake Caramel Apple Mini Donuts. The caramel crumb coating covered the apple flavor donuts.

While these donuts are delicious on their own, there is a little semi-homemade trick. If you love an apple crisp, consider using these donuts as a streusel topping. Just before the crisp is done baking, crumble some of the donuts on top. It will add another layer of sweetness and apple flavor to the dessert.

If you prefer something a little simpler, consider adding some apple crumble to the ice cream on an apple pie a la mode or even just a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Sometimes, donuts can be more than just a donut.

The Tastykake seasonal donuts are on store shelves now. They are sold in a various package sizes.

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What is your favorite seasonal donut flavor?