LeBron James brings an inspirational message to his Wheaties box

Lebron James Wheaties Box, photo provided by Wheaties
Lebron James Wheaties Box, photo provided by Wheaties /

LeBron James becomes a Wheaties box athlete, a champion on and off the court.

LeBron James, one of the greatest basketball players, adds another accolade to his long list of accomplishments. Now as a Wheaties box athlete, cereal fans can look to James as inspiration with each bowl poured. With this new Wheaties collectible box, the partnership celebrates not just the athletic achievement, but celebrates the promise of a better tomorrow.

For 85 years, Wheaties has celebrated amazing athletes. From Serena Williams to Olympic athletes to Michael Jordan, the long list Wheaties athletes are a who’s who of athletic achievement.

Many kids looked at the cereal box and dreamed of the greatness that they could achieve. The hope was that one day too, with some hard work and determination, they could be part of that “Breakfast of Champions” group.

For this year’s Wheaties Box, the choice of putting James on the cover is more than just a celebration of his greatness on the basketball court. James is a voice, leader and advocate. Whether it is raising important issues or supporting the next generation, James understands that his legacy reaches far beyond the confines of a basketball court.

Taylor Gessell, brand experience manager for Wheaties, said “From starting the LeBron James Family Foundation, to boldly speaking out on racial injustice, to launching the I PROMISE School – LeBron is a champion of change who is using his sports platform to better the world. We couldn’t be prouder to feature such a positive force of inspiration for the next generation of champions on Wheaties’ historic box.”

That idea is celebrated on the Wheaties Box. James’ I PROMISE program is featured on the box. This program, supported by the LeBron James Family Foundation, helps to assist at-risk students and their families in the Akron area.

While James might be “just a kid from Akron,” that message resonates even more today. Both young and old need powerful messages, images and leaders that prove anyone and everyone can achieve greatness in their lives.

James said, “Growing up where we come from, to see my I PROMISE kids and families from Akron, Ohio, represented on the iconic Wheaties box means everything. The movement we’ve started in Akron is about doing our part to uplift our community by first listening and then responding with the resources they need. We will continue to do everything we can to create a better future for our kids and our community, and it starts with the students, teachers, and everyday champions you see on this box.”

That idea of everyday champions needs to be celebrated. While James and other athletes might be on the Wheaties box, they achieved that accolade with the help of a community around them. Sometimes the most influential people in life are the ones that standing behind, supporting every step along the way. By having the I PROMISE foundation on this cereal box, everyone can better appreciate that the community is as important as the individual.

The limited-edition LeBron James and I PROMISE Wheaties box will be available in stores soon and is available at www.Shop.Wheaties.com now.

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