Milk Bar brings Christina Tosi’s iconic desserts to Target stores

Milk Bar expands into Target, photo provided by Milk Bar
Milk Bar expands into Target, photo provided by Milk Bar /

Milk Bar desserts are coming to Target and everyone can get a taste.

Milk Bar and Christina Tosi have delighted dessert lovers with her sweet treats. From a touch of whimsy to a bite of nostalgia, the dessert company was never afraid of forging its own path. Now the popular dessert company is bringing some of its iconic treats to Target. It is definitely time to eat dessert first.

Foodies have been obsessed with Christina Tosi’s Milk Bar. Whether it was the taste of cereal milk, those naked cakes, or the creative cookies that were irresistible, each dessert had a sense of whimsy. Even though the dessert was impeccably made, the flavors had a nod to childlike fun. Isn’t dessert meant to be pure joy?

Over the years, Tosi and her brand have expanded its footprint. While there are several stores across the nation, an ecommerce site and availability at Whole Foods, a new audience will get a bite of her creativity through this new launch. Now, some Milk Bar treats will be available at Target.

For Tosi, this launch brings a little sweetness to everyone’s lives. Tosi said, that the Milk Bar team prides “ourselves in showing up when you least expect it, showing up with spirit and heart, showing up with baked goods.” It isn’t about having to wait for that special occasion to enjoy a delicious treat. These desserts are “an excuse to take a little moment to celebrate something, someone, to take a beat, to eat dessert.”

Milk Bar
Milk Bar expands into Target, photo provided by Milk Bar /

The Target Milk Bar treats include a brand new offering, Truffle Crumb Cakes. These refrigerated treats are inspired by Milk Bar’s signature Cake Truffles. That idea is blended with classic supermarket desserts. It is the perfect bite to kick off this product launch.

The Truffle Crumb Cake flavors includes Birthday, Chocolate Birthday and Chocolate Chip. These refrigerated treats have a combination of textures. With a crunchy outside and a fudgy inside, each bite needs to be savored.

While the Birthday Cake brings the colorful, whimsical treat that people expect, the Chocolate Chip flavor is the most interesting. The cookie dough/cake combination is covered in crunchy yellow cake crumbs. That crumb coating is irresistible.

The Truffle Crumb Cakes will be sold in a pack of two treats. A package will retail for $2.99.

Milk Bar
Milk Bar expands into Target, photo provided by Milk Bar /

In addition to the Truffle Crumb Cakes, the signature Milk Bar chewy, soft baked cookies will be coming to Target. Available in a variety of flavors, a package of eight cookies, packaged as four 2-packs, will retail for $4.99.

Dessert is meant to bring smiles and fun. Milk Bar has always believed that sweet treats create an emotional connection. With this product launch, even more people can enjoy that sweet fun in their daily lives. While a dessert might not change the world, it can bring a smile when people need it.

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Are you excited to try these new desserts at Target?