Most popular fall foods are a bowl full of comfort food

A bowl of Hazel, Ravines & Downtown's clam chowder.Lobsterfestathazel7
A bowl of Hazel, Ravines & Downtown's clam chowder.Lobsterfestathazel7 /

The most popular fall foods are all the comfort food people crave.

When the chilly air comes, people start craving comfort food. The most popular fall foods aren’t necessarily another pumpkin spice flavored food. Instead, many of the food trends show that people are going back to food and dishes that they enjoy year after year, bowl after bowl. The return of that bite is a taste of comfort that needs to be satisfied.

While this year has been unpredictable, one big food trend continues to influence people’s food choices. Comfort food is everywhere. According to some recent studies by Hearst Magazines, their publishers have found that people want more comfort food ideas.

Whether it is that bowl of cheddar soup, grandma’s pie recipe or just a taste of childhood nostalgia, food is making a connection beyond just a delicious dish. From discovering a connection to their heritage to developing their own family traditions, those dishes are more than just satisfying a hunger craving.

Even though many people are discovering the joy of cooking, others prefer the convenience of ordering in. Although the kitchen might be stocked with the best kitchen essentials, the ease of having someone else do all the work has tremendous appeal.

Recently Grubhub compiled the most popular fall foods. Looking at these top five food orders, it seems that people are craving that classic comfort food.

  1. Clam chowder bowl
  2. Creamy lobster alfredo
  3. Meatball and tomato ragu
  4. Chicken pot pie
  5. Tan tan ramen

Seeing clam chowder as the most popular food is quite interesting. Most people would never make this soup at home. To develop those layers of flavors takes a skilled hand.

Still, clam chowder might not be everyone’s favorite soup. It can be a hard sell for kids. More importantly, this finding doesn’t specify which clam chowder soup? Is it New England or Manhattan? That scenario could cause a spirited food debate.

Overall, these most popular fall foods seem to have one thing in common. Home cooks might be intimidated to make these dishes at home. A great ragu takes hours and hours to perfect. Even if you have grandma’s gravy recipe, it is a process to make.

The same can be said about a chicken pot pie. Sure, you can use some Pillsbury Crescent Dough as a crust hack, but it still time consuming. No one wants a broken sauce in a pot pie.

Just maybe on that chilly fall night, people want to stay curled up under a blanket and out of the kitchen. Good thing that Grubhub is there to help satisfy those comfort food cravings.

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What is your favorite fall food?