Subway Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Chicken Sandwich is a game changer

Subway new sandwich promo, photo provided by Subway
Subway new sandwich promo, photo provided by Subway /

Scoring with big flavor, Subway Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Chicken Sandwich is a winner.

As the NFL Season hits its stride, the new Subway Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Chicken Sandwich is here to deliver big, bold flavor. Will this new sandwich be part of your next homegating event?

Subway understands that football fans are hungry for tasty food. While everyone has their favorite Subway sandwich order, sometimes a new offering can satisfy in a way that people never realized. With a limited time offer, guests can be excited about making another order and maybe finding a new flavor to enjoy.

Subway is launching two new sandwich offerings. The first offering is the Subway Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. This sandwich features chicken in a new Buffalo sauce that is made exclusively with Frank’s RedHot Sauce.

Fans of Frank’s RedHot Sauce, including the Thick Sauce, know that the flavor is bold, yet not overpowering. It is a heat but with a touch of tangy that keeps people coming back bite after bite.

While guests can customize this sandwich, Subway recommends topping it with lettuce, cucumbers and ranch dressing. Of course, the ranch will balance the heat from the Frank’s RedHot.

Also, the cucumbers add a little cooling effect. Overall, this sandwich is the bold bite that many people will have to try.

For people who prefer a sweeter sauce, the new Subway BBQ Chicken sandwich is a great option. This BBQ sauce is sweeter yet still has a touch of tanginess. Subway recommends topping the sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes, red onions and pickles.

Pickles on a barbecue sandwich is a great flavor combination. Sometimes a touch of acid with a sweet BBQ sauce is the surprising bite that people will learn to appreciate.

To kick off these two new Subway sandwiches, Subway has asked its football partners to share their Subway love.

Check out how Deion Sanders gives some creative autographs to fans.

While a Subway order might not come with a Sanders’ autograph, the Footlong Season offer is available. This offer gives guests a free footlong when guests buy two footlongs and the new Buffalo Chicken Sandwich.

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Subway is ready to score with big, bold flavors. Are you ready to place your order?