TAZO Latte Mixes: Flavorful beverages to lift away the morning fog

New TAZO Lattes, photo provided by TAZO
New TAZO Lattes, photo provided by TAZO /

Ready to sip on some new TAZO Latte Mixes?

The at-home barista has a new secret in her cup. The TAZO Latte Mixes bring all the nuanced flavor that people expect from a coffee shop yet are easy to make a home. One sip of this colorful beverage and you might fall in love.

TAZO is a leader in the tea space. From its new Energize and Nighttime teas to even the TAZO Mixology line, these teas are no ordinary tea bags. Each sip brings a flavorful experience and an opportunity to explore what tea can be.

Part of the TAZO line is the TAZO Latte Mixes. With the addition of two new flavors, the Latte Line now has six options in total. Whether you want a traditional Chai Latte, an herbal Matcha Latte or even an immunity boosting Turmeric Latte, TAZO has a tea for any and every option.

The two new TAZO Latte Mixes joining the line-up are both colorful and bold. They are Rose Pink Latte and London Fog Latte.

The Rose Pink Latte lets tea drinker start the day with a vibrant hue that channels the feeling of seeing the world through rose colored glasses. The blend of pink rose petals and chamomile flowers brings a subtle floral note to the tea.

Many people will be drawn to this beverage for the colorful hue. It pretty pink tea is a lovely way to start the day or just to take a moment during a long afternoon.

TAZO Latte Mixes London Fog
New TAZO Lattes, photo provided by TAZO /

For people prefer a bolder caffeine beverage, the London Fog Latte can lift that hazy feeling. The combination of Earl Grey and vanilla is slightly sweet yet quite enjoyable. With a little caffeine boost, those foggy feelings will be long gone after a glass.

The TAZO Latte Mixes can be served either hot or iced. They are available online and in stores, including Walmart and Target . Each one has a suggested retail price of $3.99.

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Are you ready to sip your cares away? TAZO Latte Mixes are waiting for you.