TAZO Tea blends energy management into flavorful sips

TAZO Energize and Dream Tea, photo provided by TAZO
TAZO Energize and Dream Tea, photo provided by TAZO /

From invigorating mornings to sweet dreams, TAZO Tea blends flavorful energy management.

While a cup of tea can offer a sense of ritual, TAZO Tea has blended energy management into its new line. From the start of the day till your head hits the pillow, these two teas offer a satisfying sip after sip. As your hands cradle the warmth from the cup, you can feel the moment taking shape.

The new TAZO Energy Management teas come in two varieties, Energize and Dream. Basically, one tea offers an invigorating blend to boost energy during the day and the other tea brings a sense of calm to the end of the day.

Made with guarana, ginseng and green tea, the TAZO Energize is bright and stimulating. The citrus notes awaken with the aroma as the tea brews. Upon first sip, the flavors are subtle yet clear. Each sip invites another till the cup is empty.

This tea is not like drinking a sugary energy drink. After trying this tea, the energized feeling is subtle, more like an encouragement to accomplish that next task on the to-do list.

For people who might turn to coffee to energize their mornings or mid-afternoon slumps, this Energize tea could change that routine. The subtle citrus flavors are enticing and even nuanced. More importantly, it doesn’t leave you having to drink another cup in an hour.

While many people are drawn to the energizing beverages because of busy lifestyles, it can be hard to turn off at the end of the day. The TAZO Dream Tea is a way to start to shut off the distractions of the day.

Made with valerian root and lavender, there is a sense of calm to the tea. While many people know about lavender’s relaxation properties, valerian root is believed to help the quality of sleep. Although one sip may not have put you in sleepy land, the ritual of the tea experience could help with a more restful night’s sleep.

Within this tea blend, the passionfruit adds just the right note of sweet and exotic. It is the flavor that you might not instantly recognize, but it is quite enjoyable. Similar to the Energize Tea, the Dream Tea could become a new ritual.

Thinking about both of these new tea blends, they seem to offer more than just another beverage in a mug. It isn’t about the mindless, grab and get out the door moment. It turns the tea experience into a thoughtful process. Whether it is uncovering the energy to power through or disconnecting from all the day’s distractions, it is time for that luxurious sip to be a true tea experience.

TAZO Tea Energy Management Blends are available at various retailers.

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Do you use beverages to influence your energy levels? Could tea become more of a ritual in your day?