Easy fall Disney recipes that we all can cook

Dole Disney Recipes, ratatouille, photo provided by Dole
Dole Disney Recipes, ratatouille, photo provided by Dole /

These easy fall Disney recipes prove we all can cook comfort food.

As home cooks discover Disney Magic the kitchen, these easy fall Disney recipes will make the family fall in love with cooking. With the right recipes, everyone can cook.

Dole has partnered with Disney and Pixar’s Ratatouille to share recipes with the idea that we all can cook. While these recipes draw inspiration from classic French dishes, the recipes are easy to follow and master.

As many people remember from Ratatouille, Remy helps Linguini discover a love of cooking. From seasoning the ingredients to developing flavors, anyone can cook when they are given the right tools.

William Goldfield, Dole’s director of communications, said “ Anyone really can cook if given the ingredients and inspiration – and this new program was designed to go beyond the recipes to motivate cooks and chefs at all levels to spice up their culinary routines this fall and winter, turning their kitchens into would-be restaurants for the holidays.”

Here are some easy fall Disney recipes that everyone will enjoy cooking.

Critic’s Choice Rustic Ratatouille

Sometimes the most simple dishes are the most memorable. As seen In Ratatouille, the classic peasant dish is perfect in its simplicity. Even if you don’t normally eat eggplant and zucchini, this recipe could become a family favorite.

Easy fall Disney recipe potato leek soup
Dole Disney Recipes, Little Chef Potato Leek Soup, photo provided by Dole /

Little Chef Potato-Leek Soup

If you remember the movie, a soup bonded Remy and Linguini. While this soup recipe is packed with healthy choices, the whole family will fall in love with this bowl of comfort food. It is time to discover the deliciousness of leeks.

Air Fried Sweet Frites with Pineapple Sauce 

While pomme frites are a classic French side dish, this recipe gets a little healthier twist. In addition to this recipe being made in an air fryer, the sauce is packed with healthy goodness. Plus the touch of spice is a delicious contrast to the sweet potatoes.

These easy fall Disney recipes are just a few of the many recipes available on the Dole website. With the right ingredients, easy recipes and a little confidence, everyone can cook a delicious meal.

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What recipes do you love to make with your family?