Katie Lee updates her winning Burger Bash recipe with a plant based twist

Gardein Burger collaboration with Katie Lee, winning Burger Bash recipe, photo provided by Gardein Burger
Gardein Burger collaboration with Katie Lee, winning Burger Bash recipe, photo provided by Gardein Burger /

Katie Lee updates her winning Burger Bash recipe with a meatless option.

Could you make a winning Burger Bash recipe at home? Katie Lee knows how to create a winning burger. While her classic take on a patty melt is a taste of comfort food, she has given the recipe a new twist. Gardein Ultimate Plant Based Burgers are the new comfort food.

At this year’s NYCWFF virtual event, former Burger Bash Champions showed foodies that their winning recipes still reign supreme. For Katie Lee, she brought a new twist to her winning recipe. By using the Gardein Ultimate Plant Based Burgers, home cooks can learn to appreciate that sustainable eating and classic comfort foods can be the perfect pair.

Ahead of the virtual event, Katie graciously took the time to chat about her update to her winning Burger Bash recipe. As a new mom, Katie Lee understands that life is about balance. While she is fortunate to have a doting husband making nutritious smoothie bowls every morning, she understands that busy parents need convenience. With a newborn at home, she admitted that her cravings are satisfied by what is easy and available.

During our conversation she admitted that she now understands just how busy parents can be. She is grateful for all the friends and her husband who are helping to get healthy and tasty meals on the table.

Additionally, she has found that having options, like the Gardein Ultimate Plant Based Burger readily available in the freezer is perfect. For her, it can be a simple swap, a quick meal option and it quite flavorful.


Since burgers are often an easy, tasty comfort food option, switching to a plant-based burger can be part of a healthy eating balanced lifestyle. When all the flavors come together, it is a great choice for any meal.

As a former Burger Bash winner, Katie has some expert ideas about making a great burger. Her winning recipe was based on a Patty Melt. While some chefs add tons and tons of ingredients to their burgers, this recipe is about the perfection of a simple bite.

For Katie, she doesn’t need a bunch of fancy ingredients to enjoy a great burger. While her burger recipe brings back food memories of burgers that her grandmother made, she enjoys the great flavors in a simple bite.

Recently, Katie updated her winning Burger Bash recipe for this year’s event. The recipe, which can be found on Gardein’s website, is easy for any home cook to master. Plus, it could be an easy way for the family to expand their plant-based food recipe list.

In this version of a patty melt, it is about American cheese, some grilled onions, a special sauce and the burger. While people might debate preferences on a special sauce, the flavors in each bite need to come through. No hiding or no piles of condiments are necessarily when it comes to a classic.

By swapping a Gardein Ultimate Plant Based Burger for a traditional beef burger, one of the keys is cooking it well. For Katie, she recommends cooking the burger in a skillet to get that crisp texture on the outside. While you can choose whatever bread, the combination of textures is key to a good patty melt.

Plus, the Gardein Ultimate Plant-Based Burger has that beefy quality like a traditional burger. You might want to do a taste test with the family and see which version they prefer. Plus, with 19 grams of protein, you will feel good about giving them an extra serving.

Whether you make Katie’s updated winning Burger Bash recipe or create your own burger recipe, a plant-based burger swap is a great choice. From busy families to foodies, that comfort food recipe is the bite that you will always crave.

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Have you given one of your favorite recipes a plant-based makeover?