Halloween Wars Season 10 winner: Frightened to extremes

Team Crave Diggers Pumpkin Carver Eric Jones paints a pumpkin carved head during Episode 5 and finale Spine Chiller challenge "Look Out!!!", as seen on Halloween Wars, Season 10. Photo provided by Food Network
Team Crave Diggers Pumpkin Carver Eric Jones paints a pumpkin carved head during Episode 5 and finale Spine Chiller challenge "Look Out!!!", as seen on Halloween Wars, Season 10. Photo provided by Food Network /

In this Food Network challenge, the Halloween Wars Season 10 winner went to extremes.

While two Halloween Wars teams wanted the title, only one was crowned Halloween Wars Season 10 winner. As Mummies Rejects took on Crave Diggers the differences of these two teams’ approaches was clear. Would the Food Network judges prefer extreme frights or campy horror humor?

For this Halloween Wars finale small scare, the teams had to create a scene where a character was attacked by bugs, aka giant bugs attack. With so many possibilities, it was quite curious that both teams basically had the same idea. It was wasp/bee that was attacking a person. While there were differences, it was rather similar.

Overall, both designs were quite impressive. The amount of detailed sugar work brought the bugs to life. Even though you would never want to see these bugs in real life, there was something captivating in the creepy.

Crave Diggers had a creative idea with the bee’s stinger coming through the head and out of the mouth. While they could have pushed the visual a little more, it did have some great movement. ‘

For Mummies Rejects they stayed within their scary comfort zone. Although there was a dropped sugar wing at the end, they were able to save the design.

Even with the slight smack talking between teams, it did come down to a preference of horror comedy versus straight-up fear. The judges picked horror comedy for the small scare win.

For winning the small scare, Crave Diggers received first pick of the pumpkin for the spine chiller challenge. Sometimes that advantage can be a big one.

The finale spine chiller had a new twist that was unexpected. Although the theme was a jump scare moment, the teams had to include a moveable element in the display.

Thinking back to previous seasons, former teams had bigger, more dramatic displays that Halloween Wars Season 10. It seems that these teams tended to dial it back some. It is a little curious that movement or other props really haven’t been used throughout the season.

Still, to be crowned the Halloween Wars Season 10 winner, these teams needed to go bigger than before. From multiple pieces to extreme details, these Halloween displays need to make the judges want to turn away.

Mummies Rejects went extreme scary, just like they have done in previous challenges. Jokey the clown is hosting his Halloween party, but this party is definitely not for kids. The super scary clown needs to approve of that gift or guests could be his for eternity.

Looking at Mummies Rejects’ design, their display had many moving parts. From a spinning demon teddy bear to two jump scares, this birthday party is a nightmare. No one would hire this clown to appear at a birthday party.

For their jump scare, they had two elements. Although the cake poppers were a little sad, the “spider boxes” were a great choice.

Although the colors seemed to have a grey hue, it was like that dim light that is in a haunted house or horror movie. It makes you not know what is around the corner. Their main character is totally horrifying and there is an overall haunting feel.

For Crave Diggers, their characters sold their display. They stayed true to style, horror comedy. While everyone knows the scene, the characters invite them into the moment.

At the same time, there were a few elements that didn’t work in the scene. A few details were overlooked like eye positions and an “old” cell phone (that probably couldn’t take a selfie).

Lastly, their mechanical element wasn’t as much of a jump scare as it could be. While everyone understood the premises, the wow factor of the movement wasn’t there. The scary character had the visual, but the pumpkin was too heavy for the big movement.

Although the tasting element should be a factor in the finale, these two treats were a little anti-climactic. For Crave Diggers, they went with a grasshopper caramel corn. Insects in a treat aren’t that creepy. Plus, “jumping” analogy was a little weak.

For Mummies Rejects they made a nice peanut butter banana bonbon. How this tasting element related to the display is unclear. Still, it was a good bonbon.

In the end, only one team could be Halloween Wars Season 10 winner. It came down to scary versus funny. The judges picked scary.

The Halloween Wars Season 10 winner was Mummies Rejects. In the end, horror won the day and will be seen again in your nightmares.

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What was your favorite display from Halloween Wars Season 10?