Chef Gabe Bertaccini shares his best tips for pizza night

Chef Gabe Bertaccini for National Pizza Month, photo provided by Postmates
Chef Gabe Bertaccini for National Pizza Month, photo provided by Postmates /

Pizza night gets a flavorful upgrade from Chef Gabe Bertaccini.

Whether it is Friday pizza night or date night, Chef Gabe Bertaccini understands that pizza can be more than just another slice of pie. Even though many people have their weekly routine, the truth is that pizza is one of the most well-loved foods. Isn’t it time to celebrate pizza in a special way?

For Netflix fans, they will recognize  Chef Gabe from “Say I Do.” This Queer Eye wedding spinoff has become quite popular with viewers and Chef Gabe serves as the food expert.

Although Chef Gabe and his team have provided memorable dining experiences to many celebrity clients, he is sharing some of his best tips with home cooks. With a background in Tuscany cooking, Chef Gabe knows a lot about good pizza.

Since it is National Pizza Month, Chef Gabe Bertaccini shared some simple tips and tricks for making any pizza night more successful.

Never run out pizza

Chef Gabe believes that pizza is the ultimate Italian dish. While the perfect pie is delicious in its simplicity, it lends itself to entertaining. Since the ingredients can be prepped in advance, there is no reason for ever running out of food.

Additionally, by having so many options, pizza is perfect for a party. Set up a pizza station where people can pick their toppings and customize their pie. From picky eaters to the adventurous foodies, make sure that there are plenty of options.

And, always have extra ingredients on hand. It is never a good idea to run out of pizza.

Enjoy Aperitivo Hour

Since pizza is the ultimate Italian dish, it makes sense to start pizza night with Aperitivo hour. One great cocktail option is an Aperol Spritz. This iconic Italian cocktail awakens the palate for all that delicious pizza.

Plus, the Aperol Spritz cocktail is simple to make. Why not set up a cocktail bar with all the ingredients. From the Aperol to the prosecco, let you guests be their own bartender.

Create a mood

While pizza night might be on the weekly dinner calendar, why not change the vibe to something a little more special. From playing some music to adding a few decorations, the dinner doesn’t have to be a repeat of last week. Even giving everyone a chef hat and apron to wear while prepping pizza could be a fun idea.

Let it linger

Unlike a restaurant that needs to turn a table, pizza night doesn’t come with a time limit. Enjoy the spirted conversation and good food. Just because someone ate all his pizza in a matter of minutes doesn’t mean that the evening ends. Make another pizza, grab another drink and start talking.

Why not give pizza night a little twist. You just might find a new tradition that will become your favorite night of the week.

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What entertaining or cooking tip do you have?