Aperol Spritz, pizza and Postmates make for a perfect Italian dinner

An Aperol Spritz at Stella's Southern Brasserie
An Aperol Spritz at Stella's Southern Brasserie /

The perfect dinner companions are Aperol Spritz, pizza and Postmates.

Looking for a delicious Italian dinner delivered to your door? Aperol Spritz, pizza and Postmates are ready to bring you the perfect way to celebrate National Pizza Month. Are you hungry to enjoy this classic Italian pairing?

During warm months, a spritz is many people’s go to cocktail. The simplicity of the cocktail and the refreshing flavor make it a perfect choice. Additionally, the sparkling component seems to make it seem festive.

An Aperol Spritz, simply Aperol and a sparkling wine (and sometimes a sparkling water), is often served as an apertif. The flavors of this simple cocktail tend to waken the palate for the meal ahead.

While this cocktail has become quite popular, some people might be unfamiliar with the Aperol flavors. Lower on the bitterness quality, there is a touch of burnt orange flavor. With a little higher sugar content, the sweetness helps to make the bitter more approachable.

In Italy, an Aperol and pizza are a common Italian dinner. The flavors of the cocktail balance the pizza flavors.

For example, a simple margherita pizza makes for a great pairing. The mozzarella and basil play off the bitter herbs and hint of sweetness. The pairing makes you go back again and again.

As part of National Pizza Month, Aperol and Postmates have partnered to bring that Italian food pairing to everyone. On Thursday, October 8, customers can get $5 off their pizza order by using the code APEROL at checkout.

Whether you order a pizza from your favorite local pizza restaurant or try a new spot, this deal is a great reason to have pizza for dinner on Thursday. Just don’t fight over the pizza. If you can’t agree on a topping, order a second pie.

Plus, don’t forget to order a bottle of Aperol. Whether you enjoy a spritz, a negroni or a Boulevardier, it is the Italian spirit that has much diversity behind the bar.

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What is your favorite pizza pairing?