Nutri-Grain is making sure to have teachers’ backs this school year

Kellogg's Nutri-Grain Got Your Back Promo for teachers, photo provided by Kellogg's Nutri-Grain
Kellogg's Nutri-Grain Got Your Back Promo for teachers, photo provided by Kellogg's Nutri-Grain /

With all the struggles this school year, Nutri-Grain makes sure to have teachers’ backs.

Teachers are more than essential workers and Nutri-Grain wants to show their appreciation for everything that they do for students. With the “Got Your Back” bins, teachers can take snack time off their to-do list.

According to studies, “60% of teachers spend an average of $300 annually on snacks for their students.” Given this school year, teachers have even more bumps in the road. From e-learning to safety parameters, they shouldn’t have to take extra money out of their paycheck to provide students with extra snacks.

This year, Nutri-Grain is stepping up to help teachers. The “Got Your Back” bins of Nutri-Grain bars are helping to take the burden off teachers.

Sarah Reinecke, Senior Marketing Director said, “With a mix of in-person, hybrid and virtual classrooms and online learning, teachers’ jobs are even more challenging. A bin of Nutri-Grain bars for K-12 teachers to offer in the classroom or share in a care package is just one way we can support our educators.”

Teachers can apply for a free bin, while supplies last. To apply, visit A limited number of bins can be claimed each day while supplies last through October 16. The bin contains more than 400 bars plus a special “Got Your Back” blue pin.

While supplies last, when teachers apply for a free bin, they’re eligible to receive more than 400 whole grain, real fruit Nutri-Grain bars and a special “Got Your Back” blue bin. This stockpile of snacks helps teachers support their students wherever they are this school year.

Even as this school year looks different, one aspect always remains the same. Teachers have a huge impact on children. For many people, memories of their favorite teachers pop into their heads at uncanny times.

Whether it is was a phrase from your favorite high school AP history class or the little English grammar trick that you remembered from your first research essay, teachers are and will continue to have a great impact on children. Since teachers have students’ backs, it is time for everyone to have teachers’ backs.

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How are you helping teachers in your community? Do you have a favorite teacher memory?