Natural Light Dorm from Home is the new campus living

Natty Light Portable Dorm, photo provided by Natty Light
Natty Light Portable Dorm, photo provided by Natty Light /

Natural Light has created the new college experience with Dorm from Home.

Usually fall is filled with back to campus excitement, but this year is different. Natural Light understands that many students are learning to adjust, pivot or just take a gap year. For those students who are looking to head back to school with their parents looking over their shoulder, the Dorm From Home might the solution to keeping the family peace.

For many students, school is now a virtual experience. Lectures are live streamed to a laptop, professors are a Zoom chat away and that late night study binge might come with a scolding from mom and dad. Even though everyone has to learn to adapt, some college students are missing the college experience.

To help add a little touch of fun (and maybe normal) to the return to school, the Natural Light Dorm from Home is a viable solution. While not exactly the playhouse from your childhood, this “Nattified” mobile dorm unit gives college students a little escape from the family home.

Basically, this tiny house is the home away from home for college students missing college life. It comes with everything that students could need. TV, gaming system, electric, AC/Heat, fridge and a supply of Natty Light. Granted, mom and dad might stop by more frequently than the dorm room, but it is a little place of refuge.

If you think that you deserve this Dorm from Home, break out your most creative and convincing argument. You don’t have to be a creative writing major or an awarding winning actor. But, you do need to convince the powers that be you are deserving of his Natty Light greatness. If you exemplify that Natty Light personality and values, put that thinking cap on now.

While this contest is for the college students, Natural Light might want to create a similar contest for the parents of the college students. Many parents dreamed of the quiet house, free from piles of dirty laundry and empty pizza boxes. Maybe there could be a corresponding Parental Escape pod. Sometimes parents need their space, too.

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Why do you need Dorm from Home? Are you learning to adapt in this new normal?