The most unexpected food combos top Uber Eats food ordering trends

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Are these unexpected food combos part of your Uber Eats food orders?

Sometimes unexpected food combos are more than just a craving. Whether it is a food trend, trying something different or just a desire to make the restaurant scratch their head, Uber Eats food order have shown that many guests are not ordering the traditional menu items.

Everyone has a favorite meal, favorite meal or just a food craving. While many of these food choices are common, more people are starting to find some creative combinations. These ideas are more than dipping French Fries in a Wendy’s Frosty. It is definitely looking outside of the box.

According to the Uber Eats Craving Report, a few unexpected food combos might make foodies do a double take. While these combinations are not pickled herring and peanut butter, the food combinations do err on the side of non-traditional.

Recently, Uber Eats saw a spike in 10 different food combos that are not traditional pairings. For example, many people enjoy pizza and ranch but it seems that pizza and ketchup is a new pairing. I guess that traditional pizza sauce isn’t tomato-enough.

For the chefs, the most questionable combination is fish and American cheese. Although that old-school rule of fish and cheese seems to have gone away, this food combination is more unlikely. Wonder if it is just that filet-o-fish sandwich order?

Two other food combinations are equally perplexing. First, have you ever eaten green olives and honey mustard? Although it might be a pregnancy craving, this option seems quite unlikely. It is salty and spicy in a different way?

Lastly, who puts together white rice and apple sauce? Maybe if you are looking to eat a bland diet, this combination works. Or, could it be a new way to make a rice pudding?

In addition to the unexpected food combos, Uber Eats did find some heartwarming food trends in their Cravings Report. It seems that more people are looking to send happy messages with their food orders. From a note of encouragement to just a note to make people smile, those little ordering comments do make a difference. Maybe next time you won’t leave that order section blank.

With food delivery options continuing to be part of the new restaurant norms, it will be interesting to see what the next Cravings Report will find. While there might be more unexpected food combos, there might be a new food trend on the horizon. Anyone up for some pickles in their hummus?

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What is the most unexpected food combos that you have enjoyed? Are you up for any food adventure?