Spiced Rice Pudding recipe: Gordon Ramsay Uncharted creates dessert nirvana

Coorg, India - Spices and ingredients used during the big cook. (Credit: National Geographic/Justin Mandel)
Coorg, India - Spices and ingredients used during the big cook. (Credit: National Geographic/Justin Mandel) /

As Gordon Ramsay Uncharted heads to India, this Spiced Rice Pudding recipe is flavorful perfection.

While foodies might have wanderlust watching Gordon Ramsay Uncharted episodes, the weekly recipes offer a taste of the culinary adventure. As Gordon travels to India, this Spiced Rice Pudding recipe could become a new dessert obsession. This rice pudding is not your grandmother’s recipe.

Although rice is a staple in many cultures, the exact origin of rice pudding is debated. While some food historians believe this dish originated in China, India has a stronger tie to this sweeter rice dish. With India’s strong ties to the spices, sugar and rice, the connection is clear. Additionally, the Tudors have a recipe that dates back to the 1600s.

The majority of cultures have a version of a rice pudding or porridge. While the specifics vary, the recipes basically contain rice, milk and sugar. As other ingredients are added to the recipe, the rice pudding takes on different flavors. From a local honey to dried fruit, there are numerous variations on a rice pudding recipe.

As part of the Gordon Ramsay Uncharted India episode, Gordon explores the spices that have influenced Indian cuisine. One delicious example in this episode is the Spiced Rice Pudding recipe.

Personally, rice pudding has never been my favorite dessert. It isn’t a textural issue. Rather, the recipes that I have tried often lack flavor. Compared to that rich chocolate cake or perfect macaron, other desserts have been my preference.

But, looking at the Gordon Ramsay Uncharted recipe, this Spiced Rice Pudding recipe has piqued my interest. The cardamom offers a bolder flavor. Combined with a touch of savory from the bay leaves, this dessert should be a lovely end to a meal. Instead of being too sweet, it is just sweet enough to satisfy.

Here’s how to make the Gordon Ramsay Uncharted Spiced Rice Pudding.

Spiced Rice Pudding Recipe, Gordon Ramsay Uncharted
Gordon Ramsay Uncharted recipe, rice pudding, photo provided by Nat Geo Channel /

A few words of advice. First, ghee is a form of clarified butter. It is heated longer than traditional clarified butter which tends to give it a nutter flavor.

If you cannot find ghee at your local store, you can make it at home. Using unsalted butter, clarify the butter. Once clarified, let the milk solids get a little brown. A variety of websites offer clear instructions.

Also, jaggery sugar is different than regular white sugar. While the color is different, the Indian sugar is made differently. Some specialty stores might have this ingredient. If you cannot find it, regular sugar could be used, but the flavors might not be the same.

Lastly, you do not have to add the coffee liqueur to finish the dessert. But, this little touch is like having a night cap with your dessert.

If you need to rethink your opinion of rice pudding, consider the Spiced Rice Pudding from Gordon Ramsay Uncharted. Maybe the dessert course could be your next culinary adventure.

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