Natty Daddy Lemonade puts a lemonade spin on a classic

New Natty Daddy Lemonade, photo provided by Natural Light
New Natty Daddy Lemonade, photo provided by Natural Light /

Move over Naturdays, Natty Daddy Lemonade is here to make summer better.

Looking for a new refreshing summer beverage? Natty Daddy Lemonade is putting a flavorful spin on the classic Natural Light brew. While lemonade might the summer’s most refreshing beverage, this new malt beverage could be the big hit of summer relaxation.

Over the past couple of years, Natural Light has been a beverage innovation leader. From the Natural Light Seltzer to Naturdays, fans have been drawn to these beverages. Whether it is the libation to have by the pool or a lighter sip at a summer barbecue, many people happily grab a can or two.

According to Daniel Blake, Vice President of US Value Brands at Anheuser-Busch. “Natty Daddy Lemonade is poised to continue that streak and we’re excited to launch a refreshing new malt beverage that captures the spontaneity and adventurous spirit our fans celebrate all summer.”

The new Natural Light beverage is an 8% malt beverage that has a sweet, crisp lemonade flavor. One of the reasons why lemonade is a perfect summer beverage is because the lemon flavor helps to quench thirst. Even though all alcoholic beverages should be drunk cautiously, this beverage could be the ultimate summer thirst quencher.

The new Natty Daddy Lemonade is here just in time to celebrate all the dads. For any dad who wants enjoy one of these malt beverages, consider tagging #NattyDaddyLemonade and #sweepstakes on social media for the chance to win a summer’s supply of Natty Daddy Lemonade. Isn’t that the perfect Father’s Day gift?

If you want to kick back this weekend and relax in the Natural Light way, Natty Daddy Lemonade is rolling out to stores now. It will be available in 16 oz and 25 oz single serve cans.

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What do you think of the new Natty Daddy Lemonade? Could it be your must have summer beverage?