LaCroix summer mocktails celebrate the best summer destinations

LaCroix_Hi-Biscus! Sunrise Mocktail, photo provided by LaCroix
LaCroix_Hi-Biscus! Sunrise Mocktail, photo provided by LaCroix /

LaCroix summer mocktails are like traveling to the best summer destinations.

While people might not be traveling to the best summer destinations, LaCroix summer mocktails can quench that thirst for wanderlust. From a beautiful Hawaiian getaway to traveling north to the Great Lakes, each and every sip is a taste of a perfect getaway.

Although some people enjoy a craft cocktail, glass of wine or even a hard seltzer during the summer months, a flavorful summer mocktail is a refreshing sip. Without the alcohol, there is no concern about having a second drink. More importantly, on those hot summer days, these mocktails can be quite refreshing.

LaCroix has been a popular sparkling beverage. From classic flavors to even some new varieties, those colorful cans often fill refrigerator shelves. Whether drunk on their own or used as a mixer, there is always a great reason to pop open another can of LaCroix.

Recently, LaCroix created a variety summer mocktails with a travel theme. From a trip to colorful Key West to a romantic trip to Italy, these mocktails could have you traveling around the globe from the comfort of your couch. Ready to sip and travel?

Here LaCroix’s summer cocktails inspired by popular travel destinations.

Puerto Rico: Cúrate Piña Fraise: While you might not be singing about Pina Coladas, this mocktail has some of the same flavors. More importantly, you will be able to remember all the summer fun if you have an extra drink.

Key West: KeyLime Clementine Spritz: This mocktail offers the perfect balance of sweet and tart. With the touch of mint leaves, each sip is perfectly refreshing.

Hawaii: Hi-Biscus Sunrise: Just looking at this cocktail, the inspiration is obvious. The use of hibiscus tea adds a lovely herbal note. With just the right touch of sweetness, you can feel the beach breezes in every sip.

Los Angeles: Screen Siren: This classic combination of Peach-Pear is just like a classic movie star. The perfect combination of flavors that everyone loves.

Cape Cod: Cran-Lime Mocktail. Whether you are enjoying a lobster roll or just some snack, this mocktail is similar to that classic Cape Codder. The cranberry lime flavors are perfectly refreshing on a hot day.

Maine: Blackberry Mint Smash: The combination of berries and mint is a summertime classic. This mocktail offers the perfect balance of sweet and refreshing. It is like a cool breeze on a hot day.

Northern Michigan: Cerise Limón La Pom Punch: Michigan cherries are always a summertime classic. This punch gets a touch of brightness from the lemon. It is just the right combination of sweet and tart.

The Outer Banks: Watermelon Cooler: Watermelon is always a summertime classic. This drink is perfectly refreshing on a hot day.

Barcelona: Lemon White Sangria: This mocktail has all the flavors of a classic sangria without the liquor. Plus, the touch of effervescence makes it even more festive.

Venice: Berry Basil Perfection:Adding herbs to a drink can be delightful. Consider serving a fresh margarita pizza to pair with this tasty mocktail.

These LaCroix summer mocktails could make you think that you’ve taken a relaxing trip away from the couch. Even if you just enjoy a sip in the backyard, let the flavors take you away in your mind.

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