Angry Birds Sauce takes flight at Topgolf and you won’t be angry to try it

Angry Birds Sauce debuts at Topgolf, photo provided by Topgolf
Angry Birds Sauce debuts at Topgolf, photo provided by Topgolf /

Angry Birds Sauce could give you some extra zip to make that ball fly at Topgolf.

Topgolf is turning up the heat and its new Angry Birds Sauce and Angry Birds game mode are a perfect reason to book a bay and get swinging. While you might not see pigs fly in real life, you can defeat those pigs with this new Topgolf game.

If you haven’t been to Topgolf, the venue combines fun golf play and great food in a space where everyone feels comfortable. Whether you have a great golf handicap or look more like Happy Gilmore on the links, the venue brings people together to take a swing, enjoy a great meal and have a few laughs along the way.

While golfers know that birdies are a good thing, Angry Birds taken over the Topgolf experience. Many people have spent hours and hours trying to master the perfect shot on that game. From taking down those gigantic structures to putting those pigs in their place, those Angry Birds offer much diversion.

The new partnership brings an Angry Birds gameplay experience to the venue. While Topgolf has a variety of gaming options on its platform, the new collaboration is more than just game play. It offers a way to bring a wider audience to the golf gaming experience.

For Topgolf Chief Executive Officer Dolf Berle, the collaboration is a game changer. He said, “the Angry Birds partnership is a great example of our work to bring people together for engaging and innovative experiences.”

Since helping those Angry Birds accomplish their mission tends to work up an appetite, the Angry Birds Sauce is a great addition to the chef-driven menu. The new sauce flavor has a little “angry” component but will not leave guests burnt by the flames.

The Topgolf house ranch is blended with a hint of garlic and habanero sauce. Whether used as a condiment on a big, juicy burger or a dip for some fries, the options are many. You could even ask for it as a drizzle on some nachos.

Topgolf has several locations around the U.S. The Angry Birds collaboration is available at U.S. Topgolf venues with Toptracer technology.

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Are you ready to hit a birdie? When was the last time that you played at Topgolf?