The secret is out, Hidden Valley Ranch Secret Sauce is a must

Hidden Valley Ranch Secret Sauce on burger, photo provided by Hidden Valley Ranch
Hidden Valley Ranch Secret Sauce on burger, photo provided by Hidden Valley Ranch /

Looking for a better condiment? Hidden Valley Ranch Secret Sauce is more than just the Hidden Valley Ranch that everyone loves, and you need to discover it.

Sometimes a recipe just needs a boost. The Hidden Valley Ranch Secret Sauce can make any dish go from boring to bold. While many people have a bottle of classic Hidden Valley Ranch in the refrigerator, these new, flavorful secret sauces will have everyone going wow and that’s no secret.

For many people, the condiments make or break the flavors of a dish. Whether it is a perfectly grilled hamburger, a plate of tacos or even just those crispy French fries, a secret sauce can make everything taste better. When certain flavors are combined together, the whole bite just tastes sublime.

Many people enjoy putting ranch on a variety of foods. Instead of just being a dressing for a salad or a dip for chicken wings, ranch goes on almost anything. From pizza to even being a flavor booster to mashed potatoes, ranch is a kitchen staple.

The new Hidden Valley Ranch Secret Sauce is more than just ranch. Available in three flavors, Secret Sauce Original Ranch, Secret Sauce Spicy and Secret Sauce Smokehouse, the secret sauce combines ranch flavors with other spices to create restaurant style drizzle sauces that can go on almost anything.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try these three Hidden Valley Ranch Secret Sauces. After trying each one on a variety of dishes, the versatility of each sauce is quite impressive. While the ranch flavor is predominate, each flavor has its own unique qualities.

For example, the Secret Sauce Ranch is perfect on a Southern Style Chicken sandwich. While the sauce has tamarind, the flavor comes across more like a ranch/chipotle combination. Combining these flavors with the chicken was delicious. The boldness of the sauce plays off the pickle brined chicken. Overall, it was a real winner.

Taco lovers will want to try the Secret Sauce Spicy. While the sauce contains some habanero, the spiciness is not overpowering. It is just enough to wake up the palate. Actually, the creaminess of the sauce nicely balances the heat.

When pairing this Secret Sauce Spicy with tacos, let the sauce take the place of copious amounts of cheese. In some ways, this sauce allows for even more bold flavors in the tacos. From an extra slice of jalapenos to a bold mole on the chicken, this sauce is the perfect drizzle topping.

Lastly, the Secret Sauce Smokehouse has a slightly sweet flavor. Similar to a smoky, sweet barbecue flavor profile, this sauce pairs quite well with potatoes. From a drizzle on a baked potato to a topping to some French Fries, the sauce is quite tasty.

All three flavors of the Hidden Valley Ranch Secret Sauce are available in stores now. A 12 oz bottle retails for around $3.50.

While the secret is out, you do not have to tell your friends that your special recipe got a boost from Hidden Valley Ranch. These restaurant style sauces will impress everyone at the table and that’s no secret.

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Have you tried the new Hidden Valley Ranch Secret Sauce? Which flavor is your favorite?