Would a free Diet Coke help you tackle the next challenge?

Diet Coke promotion, photo provided by Diet Coke
Diet Coke promotion, photo provided by Diet Coke /

Bosses tackles the big challenges with ease and free Diet Coke could make it easier.

At every turn, the best bosses are ready to handle that obstacle. If free Diet Coke could make that mountain look like a molehill, there’s a new giveaway that could make life easier. Do you know a big boss that is deserving of this Diet Coke prize?

This year, Diet Coke has celebrated confident individuals who are ready to “Drink It Up.” While these people might not be famous faces, each persona is relatable. More importantly, these people take their own path, celebrate their choices and are not influenced by others. It doesn’t matter if you agree with their opinion, choices or decisions, there is a sense of appreciation for their determination to follow their own path.

Check out one of the Diet Coke Drink It Up videos.

The free Diet Coke promotion celebrates people who are handling life like a boss. While that phrase can take on a variety of different meanings, it is a celebration of people who forge their path, stand up to challenges and tackle the job given.

Through the promotion, people can nominate someone who is “tackling the pandemic like-a-boss.” From the teacher who handles both e-learning and in person learning to frontline workers to the mom who works from home and still gets the kids to school, the amount of “bosses” who get the job done are many.

While only three people will win the free Diet Coke for a year, this promotion could inspire something beyond the giveaway. Could a Diet Coke really make someone’s day a little brighter? Why not just put an unopened can on a co-worker’s desk, maybe stock the teachers’ lounge fridge with beverages or just pay it forward in the drive through line.

Sometimes a small gesture can be the highlight of someone’s day. That little action could be your way to encourage others who are drinking it up every day.

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Who would you nominate for a year’s worth of free Diet Coke?