Hershey Halloween Squad turns Halloween candy into Halloween desserts

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Hershey Halloween Squad saves Halloween with these Halloween desserts.

For many families, canceling Halloween was never an option. Luckily, the Hershey Halloween Squad is giving families all types of tricks, treats and advice to make Halloween 2020 a little sweeter. Why not transform that favorite Halloween candy into tasty Halloween desserts.

Although there might not be bags and bags of Halloween candy overflowing from the family table, families can find ways to make Halloween 2020 entertaining for everyone. The Hershey Halloween Squad has offered some fun ideas to make the spooky season sweet.

While not everyone can make a candy slide, most families can transform that favorite Halloween candy into Halloween desserts. Some of the ideas do not even require an oven. Why not put on Hocus Pocus and let the kids have a little fun with that Reese’s Pumpkin this year.

Thanks to the experts on the Hershey Halloween Squad, the recipes available online cater to families. Using many pantry ingredients and simple techniques, everyone can have a little wicked fun. In a way, these Halloween dessert recipes might even become a family tradition.

For example, the Reese’s Peanut Butter Spider takes the Reese’s Pumpkins, pretzel pieces and some candy eyes and transforms them into little creepy, crawly treats. While this recipe uses melted chocolate to attach the legs and eyes, you can just push the items into the candy. It might not look as pretty, but it does get the job done.

If you are ready to whip up some magic with your wand, the Witch’s Hat Cookies are perfect. While you can make your own cookies, you can use store bought ones. Semi-homemade treats are always a good choice with the kids.

Also, this recipe uses a traditional Hershey’s Kiss. Consider using the Vampire Kisses that are new this Halloween. You can cut into the Kiss and let a little of the center come out. That idea would make for a fun visual.

The Hershey Halloween Squad has all types of Halloween desserts, decorating and other fun ideas. The idea is that just because Halloween 2020 might look different doesn’t mean that the event isn’t canceled. Maybe this year, you won’t have to hide your favorite KIT KAT in the fake frozen peas bag. Sometimes, you just have to look for the positive.

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