Daniel Boulud reveals the secret to his famous madeleine recipe

Chef Daniel Boulud shares his famous Madeleine recipe, photo provided by Darian DiCianno
Chef Daniel Boulud shares his famous Madeleine recipe, photo provided by Darian DiCianno /

The famous madeleine recipe from Daniel Boulud is a culinary delight.

Daniel Boulud is a culinary icon and his famous madeleine recipe has been the perfect ending to his meals for decades. While the iconic French pastry is a delightful sweet note to finish a meal, that madeleine is more than just the perfect ending.

Since 1993, one item has been a constant at Restaurant DANIEL. While the Michelin-starred restaurant serves some of the world’s finest French food, the meal always ends on a simple, classic note. Diners are served a plate of madeleines to enjoy.

After an elegant meal full of complexity, the simple pastry is a contrast. That gesture of love and appreciation leaves diners with a thought to contemplate. Sometimes life’s most simple gifts are the ones that make the most lasting memories.

At every Daniel Boulud restaurant, the meal ends with his classic madeleines. The simple cookies seem to bring smiles that last long after diners leave the restaurants. Many diners even ask for extras to take home.

This year has seen the restaurant industry shook to its core. In a flash, the wait for a reservation turned into a door that seemingly would never re-open. Even as everyone looks to find a road to recovery, the restaurant industry struggles are not over.

Infamous madeleine recipe by Daniel Boulud
Chef Daniel Boulud shares his infamous Madeleine recipe, photo provided by Darian DiCianno /

Created by Kristin Tice Studeman, the Serving New York Cookbook supports New York City’s finest restaurants and their restaurant teams. The hardcover book benefits ROAR x Robin Hood NYC restaurant relief fund. Available online, 100% of proceeds of the profits will benefit those organizations.

Nestled in this book is Daniel Boulud’s famous madeleines recipe. In his recipe introduction, Boulud says that this cookie is the one thing that people crave. Regardless of age, this cookie is something that people remember, and he wants to share it with everyone.

In addition to the recipe being available in Serving New York Cookbook, Goldbelly is offering Chef Boulud’s Madeleine Recipe kit. For $129, the kit includes everything to make these simple, yet delicious cookies.

As part of the cookbook launch, Boulud showed how to contrasts can make an exquisite pair. He took his classic madeleines and served them with Ruinart Blanc de Blancs. The idea is to show that from the simplest to the most sophisticated pairings can come in many forms.

While some people may not be able to enjoy a bottle of Ruinart Blanc de Blancs in the home, the concept can be adapted. The simple and the sophisticated can be offer the perfect balance. A bottle of your favorite bubbles should be enjoyed when you make Chef Boulud’s infamous madeleine recipe at home.

Whether you make Chef Boulud’s recipe or bake a treat of your own, one idea should resonate. End a meal with a gesture of love and appreciation. Let the emotion be grand and the bite be simple. Hopefully that memory will lead everyone back to the table time and again.

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