Burger King focuses on sustainability with reusable packaging launch

Burger King adopts reusable packaging, photo provided by Burger King
Burger King adopts reusable packaging, photo provided by Burger King /

Burger King takes a step toward a better planet with reusable packaging.

While that Whopper is satisfying, Burger King knows that consumers want more than just another value meal. In a new pilot program, the iconic restaurant that has always done it your way is rolling out reusable packaging. With this focus on sustainability, consumers have another reason to make BK their preferred quick service restaurant.

As seen in food trends, consumers want more from their food. Beyond knowing that their food is free from artificial colors and additives, they want companies to make responsible choices. From reducing waste to putting the planet first, these initiatives impact consumers decisions.

This reusable packaging program is part of the Restaurant Brands for Good framework. In a trial program, BK is partnering with TerraCycle’s circular packaging service. That program means that a container can safely be used again and again.

This reusable packaging will be an option when guests order at BK. Both sandwiches and drinks can come in this reusable packaging. When guests are done with their meal, they will place the containers in the special receptacles. Then, the packages will be sanitized and used again. It is an infinite loop.

To ensure that the packaging gets returned, guests will be charged a deposit. The deposit will be refunded when the reusable packaging is returned.

This idea works well for an in-restaurant experience. Although the program is voluntary, it could easily extend to the way that the restaurant is run. If this pilot program is successful, it could set a new standard for the quick service industry.

The Burger King reusable packaging program will debut in 2021. Select restaurants in New York City, Portland, and Tokyo will implement the program and other locations may follow.

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What do you think of this Burger King program? Would it make you choose BK over another quick service restaurant?