Pillsbury Grands Hot Cocoa Rolls are a reason to get up early

Pillsbury Grands Hot Cocoa Rolls, photo provided by Pillsbury
Pillsbury Grands Hot Cocoa Rolls, photo provided by Pillsbury /

Forget sleeping in this winter, Pillsbury Grands Hot Cocoa Rolls will get you out of bed.

Winter mornings are more bearable with Pillsbury Grands Hot Cocoa Rolls. Other than bacon, one aroma can instantly pull people out of that peaceful slumber. That warm, sweet cinnamon wafting from the oven could make you throw back the covers and jump out of bed. Can you smell and taste the Pillsbury sweet rolls already?

Back for the a limited time, Pillsbury Grands Hot Cocoa Rolls will become a constant in the refrigerator this holiday baking season. Whether it is the craving for a hot, sweet treat in the morning or just an anytime indulgence, these hot and fresh rolls will delight everyone in the house.

Although a Grands cinnamon roll is always a good choice, the limited-edition holiday flavor brings the flavors of hot chocolate to the plate. The sweet rolls combine cinnamon and hot cocoa flavors. The combination of sweet and spicy is like a warm hug on a chilly day.

The sweet rolls come with a marshmallow icing. While not the traditional sweet roll icing, the marshmallow mimics the classic hot cocoa pairing. Even though this icing is a little gooey, you might want to add a little extra drizzle to the top.


While Pillsbury Grands Hot Cocoa Rolls are tasty made as five large rolls, Pillsbury has another recipe idea. They recommend making one gigantic roll.

Basically arrange the sweet rolls in one large roll on a cookie sheet. Then you can top it with chocolate chips and bake. When it is done, top the roll with mini-marshmallows.

This recipe could be customized in a variety of ways. You could swap some caramel chips for a sweeter option. Or, consider some peppermint chips for a holiday favorite. Overall, this recipe could be revamped every weekend for a new treat.

The Pillsbury Grands Hot Cocoa Rolls are available for a limited time and will be gone by the end of December 2020. Check with the Pillsbury website for select retailers’ availability.

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What is your favorite Pillsbury sweet roll flavor?