Sarah Michelle Gellar invites you to choose your Apothic journey

An Evening of Intrigue: Choose Your Apothic Journey with Sarah Michelle Gellar, photo provided by Apothic Wine
An Evening of Intrigue: Choose Your Apothic Journey with Sarah Michelle Gellar, photo provided by Apothic Wine /

Wine doesn’t have to be spooky and Sarah Michelle Gellar can help your Apothic journey.

Many people are familiar with Apothic wine, but Sarah Michelle Gellar has a different story to tell. With Halloween approaching, more people are looking for a reason to add a little intrigue to their glass of wine. Do you dare take this wine journey?

Everyone knows that Halloween 2020 is not normal. The gigantic Halloween parties have been postponed and even Trick or Treating looks different. For many people, the evening might be a scary movie marathon and a bottle of wine.

When it comes to wine, it can intimidate some people. Sure, the label looks great but do you want to get into a long discussion about which side of the mountain the grapes grow and how that impacts the wine. Sometimes, you just want to open a bottle and enjoy a nice night.

Truthfully, picking a wine really comes down to personal preferences, even just a particular mood. Sometimes the perfect glass of wine is a blend, like Apothic. Each sip lends a little intrigue. Which grape is more predominate, can you unravel the clues to how the wine was composed. Whether the questions are answered or linger doesn’t matter. You’ve drunk a great glass of wine and that’s a story to tell.

This Halloween Apothic wine partnered with Sarah Michelle Gellar to give everyone a fun experience. In a way, everyone can have a little mystery and excitement from the comfort of their own home. It really just comes down to a few choices.

Gellar said, “I’ve always been a fan of Apothic wine. I love how smooth their blends are and drawn in by how the wines challenge convention.” While she is a fan of the wine, this experience was more. She said, “creating this journey together has been so much fun—I’ve actually spooked myself at times. Like everyone else, I’ll be celebrating Halloween at home this year. Now, I feel connected to everyone who will be watching and experiencing their own Apothic adventure.”

The Evening of Intrigue: Choose Your Apothic Journey is a fun choose your own adventure type story. Without giving away all the details, it is fun to take with friends. Hearing everyone’s answers can be enjoyable.

Also, depending on your answers, you can get some insight about a wine that you might like. From one of the classic Apothic blends or the new Apothic Cab, this journey could push you outside of your comfort zone. Would you say nevermore to that same old wine?

Just like trying a new wine, don’t be afraid to take this intriguing journey. Don’t worry about the raven; he’s not trying to sip your wine.

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Are you wine adventurous or do you always choose the same wine?