OREO is asteroid proof thanks to the Global OREO Vault

Asteriod proof OREO, photo provided by OREO
Asteriod proof OREO, photo provided by OREO /

It might not be Armageddon the movie, but the Global OREO Vault makes OREOs asteroid proof.

Sometimes the most precious snacks need protection and the Global OREO Vault is here to ensure that everyone’s favorite sandwich cookie is safe from the next unlikely event of 2020. If you have been playing 2020 bingo, get ready to check off the asteroid box. It seems like the Bingo card is almost full.

Recently, many people have been talking about Asteroid 2018VP1. Potentially hitting Earth on November 2, the next unlikely event of 2020 has everyone wondering how to protect their favorite snacks, like OREOs. No one wants to be traveling around a deserted road looking for the last delivery truck of OREOs. That’s a different movie and snack cake.

OREO has created the Global OREO Vault. Located in the permafrost of Svalbard, Norway, the secure, protected facility is prepared to ensure that OREOs and milk (powdered milk variety) is safe from the potential unwanted guest from outer space.

Check out the how the special location came to be.

Truthfully, there is a global seed vault and there is merit in keeping certain staples safe. OREOs are one of those iconic snacks. Since they are saving the recipe, not just the sandwich cookies, it is possible to keep the playful tradition going, even if an asteroid hits Earth.

Just on the safe side, keep these coordinates in your map app, 78°08’58.1”N, 16°01’59.7″E. Even if the asteroid doesn’t cause impending doom on November 2, it could be a safe place for escape. Right now, the world is in chaos. A quiet place to stay that is stocked piled with OREOs might be a good place to hang out for a while.

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