Budweiser Rally Buds could change the World Series outcome

Budweiser Rally Buds for the World Series, photo provided by Budweiser
Budweiser Rally Buds for the World Series, photo provided by Budweiser /

Forget rally caps, Budweiser Rally Buds are here to save the World Series.

Baseball fans might be passionate about their rally caps, but Budweiser Rally Buds are the World Series 2020 game changer. While you should only break into this special Bud can when the game is on the line, you can enjoy an ice-cold Bud the rest of the time.

While World Series 2020 might not look like the traditional end to the MLB season, the battle of the LA Dodgers versus the Tampa Bay Devil Rays will crown a champion. Whether your team is competing for the title or you are pulling for a specific division, many people will be cheering from the comfort of their couch.

Since many MLB fans are quite passionate about their teams and will do what they can to cheer their team to victory, there have been many traditions that people believe will change the tide for their favorite team. The rally cap is one of them.

While the exact origin of the rally cap is debated, the idea is well known. Basically fans (and players) turn their team logo baseball cap inside out. The idea is to change the luck. It is seen as a talisman.

The Mets used this tradition in the 1985 and 1986 World Series. What started with the fans, turned into the teams adopting the practice. That change helped to spur a come from behind win.

This year, Budweiser is offering a new tradition, the Rally Buds. As the official beer of the MLB, these World Series cans help fans cheer their team toward a check in the W column.

These special Rally Buds are printed inside-out. Instead of messing with your hat, just raise your Rally Bud and hopefully change the tide.

There is a catch about these special Rally Buds. The only way that you can get one is to enter to win. When your team (either the Rays or the Dodgers) is losing tweet @BudweiserUSA with #RallyBuds for a chance to win. The prize includes “a VIP package, including the commemorative can and limited-edition merchandise.”

Now this special Rally Bud should only be opened in case of real emergency. Just like you wouldn’t put on your rally cap unless it was an important moment, don’t break into your Bud early. Just drink another ice-cold Budweiser while you’re waiting.

And, since everyone could use a Rally Bud in 2021. Budweiser is going to make these Rally Buds available in baseball stadiums nationwide during the 2021 MLB season.

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Are you ready for some Budweiser Rally Buds? More importantly, which team will you toast with a victory Budweiser?