Would a free Eats Pass from Uber Eats change your food delivery habits?

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With food delivery habits changing, a free Eats Pass from Uber Eats could be a game changer.

How have your food delivery habits changed? In a recent Uber Eats announcement, a free Eats Pass is available through a special American Express partnership. This tasty food news could make your next breakfast, lunch or dinner delivery even easier on the wallet. What will you be ordering?

In a recent survey, “More than 50% of American Express consumers” told Uber Eats that “they have been ordering take out or food delivery more often than before since the start of the pandemic.” Whether that situation is circumstance, necessity or another reason, food delivery habits have changed. Now it isn’t just a sometime situation, it is a food habit.

Understanding that consumers want value with their food delivery order, Uber Eats and American Express have just announced an exclusive offer. For U.S. Consumer Platinum, Gold and Green Card Members, they will have access to a complimentary Eats Pass Membership for up to 12 months.

Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty, Vice President of Delivery at Uber. “This year people everywhere have come to rely on—and look forward to—food delivery, in a new way. These complementary Eats Pass memberships will bring the best of Uber Eats to the doorsteps of Card Members—from delicious dine-in from local favorites to grocery delivery and more.”

This monthly membership offers special offers including, “$0 delivery fee and 5% off restaurant orders over $15.” Additionally, there is an $0 delivery fee on grocery deliveries over $30 in select markets.” Overall, the free Eats Pass is a value up to $119 and Card Members must enroll in the program by December 21, 2021. It does not specify a Card Member start date to qualify for this offer.

While the $0 delivery fee is a big deal, an even bigger deal is coming next year. For American Express Gold Card Members, they will receive up to $120 annually in Uber Cash to be used either on Uber Eats orders or Uber rides.

This American Express and Uber partnership is an interesting one. While many food delivery services often run special restaurant promotions, this partnership takes a different approach. It is rewarding consumers for their payment method.

Given that value is a priority for many consumers, this new promotion could set a trend for the industry. Everyone will have to wait and see if other companies create similar offers.

As the current climate continues to be uncertain, food delivery is not only a taste of normal, it is a way for people to create special moments at home. Whether it is ordering that favorite pizza or creating a special date night, those food experiences are important to people.

“Our Card Members crave food experiences and we’re seeing that they’re continuing to seek out food delivery services to create special experiences at home, while also beginning to explore local dining destinations again,” stated Rachel Stocks, Executive Vice President, Global Premium Products and Benefits at American Express.”

If you order from Uber Eats, it might be time to pair your American Express to that account. All that tasty food is going to save you some money.

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