Uber Eats Throwback Thursdays offers the best food deals

New Uber Eats Throwback Thursdays promotion, photo provided by Uber Eats
New Uber Eats Throwback Thursdays promotion, photo provided by Uber Eats /

Uber Eats Throwback Thursdays deals are the sense of normal everyone needs.

While it isn’t that embarrassing picture from high school, Uber Eats Throwback Thursdays deals are here to make at least one day of the week a little brighter. Who is ready for some roll-back pricing?

Although each week seems like it is full of blursdays, there is something to be said for looking forward to a weekly event. That weekly bright spot could be that sense of normal on an otherwise continuous loop.

Uber Eats understands that this year has been more challenging than anyone had predicted. After many, many nights ordering food from the comfort of the couch, it can take a toll on the bank account. While convenience has value, sometimes people wish for simpler, easier times.

Although no one wants to hear the “back in my day” stories from a parent, there is something refreshing about that back in the day pricing. Wouldn’t you rather pay a $1 for a Whopper versus $4?

Uber Eats Throwback Thursdays are all about back in the day pricing. The program will bring back classic popular menu items and offer those menu items at back in the day pricing.

To kick off the Uber Eats deal,

now through Sunday October 25

, the Burger King Whopper will be just $0.99 via the Uber Eats app. Yes, for less than a dollar you can get a Whopper. You could buy the whole family a Burger King dinner for a fraction of the normal cost.

UPDATE from Uber Eats and Burger King:
“WOW, the Whopper love is strong! We’re thrilled that Burger King fans across the country were so enthused about the Uber Eats #TBT campaign with Burger King. Though this promotion ended earlier than planned due to high demand, we look forward to partnering on future exciting offers.”

The deals won’t end with the Burger King deal. Uber Eats will continue to partner with other restaurants. The idea is to bring back favorite classic menu items at those throwback prices.

Next month, Uber Eats is heading back to the 60’s with Tim Hortons. Wonder how much that coffee and donut will cost?

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What do you think of the Uber Eats Throwback Thursdays deal? Will it make you place an order?