Jose Cuervo celebrates the cultural significance of Dia de Los Muertos

Vanessa Ramirez, director of Ballet FolkloricoQuetzalli, shows a Dia de los Muertos ofrenda every year at her studio.
Vanessa Ramirez, director of Ballet FolkloricoQuetzalli, shows a Dia de los Muertos ofrenda every year at her studio. /

For this year’s Dia de los Muertos, Jose Cuervo focuses on the significance of the celebration.

While make people are familiar with the visuals, Jose Cuervo wants Dia de Los Muertos to be more than just some days on the calendar. As more people look to connect with their culture and heritage, Ofrenda Kits can bring a piece of this tradition into your home.

Although Halloween is usually the big celebration on October 31, Dia de Los Muertos starts on the day as well. From then until November 2, many Hispanic families look to honor their family members who have passed. From visual remembrances to food offerings, these days are a reminder that a family is rooted in their past generations.

While many people turn to Jose Cuervo as their preferred tequila, the brand is looking to use its platform to bring part the Hispanic culture to a broader audience. Even if your family does not celebrate Dia de Los Muertos, these Ofrenda kits can share a sense of the ritual behind this annual tradition.

Inside the Ofrenda kits are several traditional offerings including sugar skills, a candle, picture frame and marigolds. Additionally, each kit includes information on the film Todavia Despues. This film discusses the annual tradition in Pomuch, Mexico and how that community stays connected to its rich culture.

The Ofrenda kits will be available to 300 people. To register to win one of these kits, please visit

Jose Cuervo Dia de los muertos campaign
Jose Cuervo Dia de los Muertos bottles, photo provided by Jose Cuervo /

Additionally, Jose Cuervo transformed its bottles for a limited time. Available now, the limited edition bottles feature illustrations by Tavo Santiago.

The vibrant, detailed designs are inspired by the film Todavia Despues. Each bottle reflects the tradition and culture associated with Dia de los Muertos.

These two offerings show a bigger trend within the food world. While many consumers have a preferred brand, more people are looking to connect to their culture and heritage. From making grandma’s iconic recipe to finding creative ways to make your mark, consumers have moved away from just blindly making choices. Those decisions are informed.

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