New Panera flatbread pizzas change people’s pizza expectations

Panera launches new flatbread pizzas, photo provided by Panera
Panera launches new flatbread pizzas, photo provided by Panera /

Expanding its menu, the new Panera flatbread pizzas change pizza expectations.

Panera focuses on food that people feel good about and the new Panera flatbread pizzas fit into that idea. While you might head to Panera for that coffee, soup or even sandwich, now the popular restaurant chain can satisfy that pizza craving.

As restaurants look to entice guests to come back time and again, menu variety is key. While many people have a favorite menu item, sometimes they just want a different flavor or type of food. At the same time, they want that food from a brand that they trust.

The new Panera flatbread pizzas fit into the restaurant’s idea to bring great, clean ingredients to the table in a way that makes them enjoyable to eat. Sometimes people are more willing to eat their vegetables when they are presented in such a tasty way that people forget how good the dish is for them.

Head Chef Claes Petersson believes that these new Panera flatbread pizzas work because “baking is the core” of the brand and is something that Panera does well. By finding a way to expand the menu without straying too far from its core identity is key.

Petersson said, “Our Flatbread Pizzas encompass the best of what Panera has to offer: clean, delicious ingredients from our pantry on top of oven-baked flatbread that is expertly crafted for our guests.” In a way, it is Panera’s opportunity to “redefine the expectation of pizza.”

new Panera flatbread pizza options
Panera launches new flatbreads, photo provided by Panera /

The three new additions to the menu are Cheese, Margherita and Chipotle Chicken & Bacon flatbreads. These options hit both classic flavors and one robust flatbread option. If you love the Chipotle Chicken Avocado Melt you might want to try the Chipotle Chicken & Bacon flatbread.

This menu expansion reflects an addition that consumers have wanted. Eduardo Luz, Panera Bread Chief Brand & Concept Officer, said “Our guests choose Panera because they want to eat delicious food, that they can feel great about eating. Flatbread Pizzas – done the Panera way – are the perfect offering for this moment and beyond,”

While some people might think of a pizza as an indulgent food choice, it doesn’t have to be. With clean ingredients and smart choices, there is no guilt associated with that bite. The craving is satisfied, and you feel good about that choice.

With more and more people seeking comfort food and familiar flavors, these new Panera flatbread pizzas are a smart expansion. When mom wants soup and salad for dinner, the kids can have a flatbread. Basically, everyone is happy with the one restaurant choice.

The new Panera flatbread pizzas will begin to arrive in restaurants this week. For availability check your local restaurant. Each flatbread has a starting price of $7.99.

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What is your favorite Panera menu item? Would you try these new pizzas?