New Panera menu items are all under $10 and that is a value to savor

New Panera Menu Items - Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich, photo provided by Panera
New Panera Menu Items - Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich, photo provided by Panera /

New Panera menu items are here, and the value is tremendous.

Panera understands that guests want food options with big value and great taste. The new Panera menu items offer that perfect combination. With five new menu items under $10, guests are excited to taste the new offerings. From a returning favorite to indulgent sandwiches, it can be hard to pick a new menu favorite.

Recently, Panera has been listening to consumers and has been finding ways to bring extra value to the table. From the extended free coffee offer through Halloween to Panera Grocery, the popular fast casual chain is always looking to satisfy its guests.

With the launch of the new Panera menu items, the brand has found a way to deliver big, bold flavors in a reasonably priced meal. Now consumers do not have to compromise; they can have it all at Panera.

The four new and one returning menu items are Bacon, Scrambled Egg & Tomato Wrap, Smokehouse BBQ Chicken Sandwich, Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich, Chipotle Bacon Melt and BBQ Chicken Salad.

Given that the new menu items launch in summer, many of the flavors are summer-centric. Who doesn’t crave BBQ flavors on a summer day?

First, the new breakfast offering has a bolder flavor than the name conveys. With a mustard horseradish sauce, the spices bring a different flavor profile to breakfast. Instead of a hot sauce or a salsa, the mustard horseradish is a great choice with the Vermont white cheddar and bacon. This breakfast item could start a new food trend.

New Panera menu
New Panera Menu Items – Chipotle Bacon Melt, photo provided by Panera /

Looking at the sandwiches, these three offerings are quite hearty. The Chipotle Bacon Melt offers a richness from the smoked gouda. With the chipotle mayo to balance the bacon, this sandwich would be a great pairing to the classic creamy tomato soup. Who doesn’t love a cheese sandwich and tomato soup?

The Smokehouse BBQ Chicken Sandwich is an interesting menu addition for Panera. Instead of a sweet barbecue sauce, the apple cider BBQ sauce offers that tartness to keep the sandwich from being too heavy. Also, the frizzled onions add a nice touch of texture to the sandwich.

The Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich offers the most layers of flavor. From the pickled red onions to the fresh cucumbers, all the flavors balance each other. Plus, this sandwich uses chicken thighs which offers a heartier chicken option. Served on a ciabatta, this sandwich would be perfect with a glass of ice cold lemonade.

New Panera menu
New Panera Menu Items – BBQ Chicken Salad, photo provided by Panera /

Lastly, Panera is bringing back its BBQ Chicken Salad. This salad has been a favorite with many Panera fans. From the corn salsa to the BBQ ranch dressing, this salad can make almost anyone happy about eating a salad.

The new Panera Menu items vary in price from $4.99 for the breakfast wrap to $9.59 for the BBQ Chicken Salad. The new menu items will begin to be available starting on July 23.

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What do you think of the new Panera Menu items? Which one will you want to order first?