Cheese and candy make Halloween cheese boards sweet and savory

ALDI Halloween, cheese board suggestions photo provided by ALDI
ALDI Halloween, cheese board suggestions photo provided by ALDI /

Halloween cheese boards are the perfect way to enjoy cheese and candy.

Forget the candy bowl, Halloween cheese boards are here to bring some tasty fun to the Halloween table. While the appearance might have a little spooky twist, the flavor combinations are far from frightful. Grab that Halloween cocktail and enjoy a taste.

While many people have a favorite Halloween candy and wine pairing or even candy inspired cocktails for the spooky holiday, Halloween cheese boards build on the cheese board trend. Even though the visual is quite impressive, the concept is easy to make at home.

Similar to the cheese plate by number concept, ALDI created a Halloween Charcuterie Board. With their simple numbered board, anyone can make Halloween cheese boards.

This version has a variety of options that are available at ALDI. From various cheese to olives to dried fruit, it is a tasty themed treat.

While ALDI has curated some of its suggested food options, everyone can create their own, too. But, one big question is on the table. What cheese and candy pairings are the tastiest?

Wisconsin Cheese has some suggested cheese and candy pairings that are tasty for Halloween and beyond. Just because there is more candy this time of year doesn’t mean that these food suggestions fade away when the spooky hour disappears.

Here are some suggested cheese and candy pairings for the Halloween cheese boards.

Wisconsin Roth Grand Cru and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

Who doesn’t love a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup? This pairing combines Wisconsin’s alpine-style Grand Cru cheese with the classic candy. The nutty notes in the cheese is balanced by the rich flavors in the candy.

Wisconsin Henning’s Hatch Pepper Cheddar and Hershey’s Dark Chocolate

While Hershey’s Dark Chocolate might not be the most common candy, the pairing of a dark chocolate and spicy peppers is a delicious one. This cheese is a delightful counterpoint. A touch of heat, a touch of sweet and complete utter enjoyment.

Wisconsin Saxon Snowfields Butterkase Cheese and Candy Corn

If you haven’t had the Wisconsin Saxon Snowfields cheese, it is a pleasure. The rich and creamy cheese is thanks to those pasture-grazed cows. Even on its own, this butterkase cheese is a must try. When paired with the candy corn, it might make you come around to liking candy corn.

Wisconsin Marieke Mature Gouda and PAY DAY

Who doesn’t love a sweet and salty flavor combination? This gouda is sharp, yet has a lovely rich flavor. The PAY DAY is chopped full of peanuts. If you like a nutty cheesecake, this cheese and candy pairing definitely pays dividends.

Wisconsin Deer Creek The Stag and Butterfinger

For this aged cheddar, there is a little crystalline texture that develops. While the cheese has a touch of toffee and even butterscotch, it is a lovely contrast to the chocolate and peanut butter in the Butterfinger. This combination could be your perfect dessert option.

Wisconsin Sartori SarVecchio and Whopper

For many people, the Whopper is an underrated candy but the Wisconsin Sartori SarVecchio is a celebrated parmesan. In a way, this pairing brings out the less sweet flavors in the Whopper. While not a chocolate cheese tart, it is a flavor combination to explore.

If you are looking to make some Halloween cheese boards, consider these cheese and candy pairings. Skip the spooky and enjoy the sweet.

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What is your favorite cheese pairing? What is a must have on your cheese board?