Tim Hortons offers free coffee, but when can you get it?

Tim Hortons Day light savings time promotion, photo provided by Tim Hortons
Tim Hortons Day light savings time promotion, photo provided by Tim Hortons /

If you want some Tim Hortons free coffee, there’s a particular time you can get it.

Tim Hortons free coffee can make any day seem a little brighter, but there is a little catch to that free food offer. Even though that robust cup of coffee is tasty any time of day, the free coffee offer is only available at a particular time. Are you afraid of the dark?

This weekend marks the end of Daylight Savings Time. While many people will relish that extra hour of sleep, the days seem longer. It could be that the “dark hours” are a bigger part of the day. But, should you really be afraid of the dark?

Since Tim Hortons isn’t afraid of the dark, the restaurant is giving away free coffee. From November 1 through November 8, Tims Rewards members who place an order via the app or online can get this free dark roast coffee offer. The offer is for any size coffee.

There is a reason why Tim Hortons is offing this free food promotion. Tim Hortons is launching a new and improved Dark Roast coffee. The new coffee is said to be “stronger, richer, bolder and smoother than ever before.” Made with 100% Arabica beans, this dark roast coffee brings a bold, yet smooth, taste to the coffee cup.

The new Dark Roast coffee shows that Tim Hortons is taking a bold step. Whether other restaurants are focusing on sweeter coffees and flavored options, the Dark Roast coffee is for purist coffee drinkers. If you prefer coffee, not sugar, in a coffee mug, this new Dark Roast blend is worth a try.

Many people will try this new coffee thanks to the free coffee offer. From the longer darker hours to the chilly winter months, this Tim Hortons coffee might be a tasty way to make those days seem a little brighter.

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What is your favorite coffee? Do your coffee habits change throughout the year?