Election Day is Approaching. Vote Junior’s Cheesecake!

Junior's Cheesecake Election Day promotion, photo provided by Juniors
Junior's Cheesecake Election Day promotion, photo provided by Juniors /

New York institution Junior’s cheesecake is in the mood for a celebration.

With both Election Day and its 70th anniversary fast approaching, Junior’s cheesecake is honoring both, and cheesecake lovers far and wide are the ultimate winners as a result.

Having served politicians across the political spectrum since first opening 70 years ago, the venerable Junior’s is offering limited edition “VOTE” cheesecakes and cupcakes through Election Day at its flagship Brooklyn location. In addition to helping to promote everyone’s right to vote, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these “VOTE” goodies will go to Brooklyn Hospital Foundation.

According to Alan Rosen, the third-generation owner of Junior’s, “The VOTE idea just came from a social responsibility, and in light of the current political situation and awareness, we thought it was a good idea.” Frankly, anything that involves cheesecake, cupcakes, and encouraging people to get out the vote is a great idea.

For those of us who live outside of New York and won’t be able to make it to Flatbush Avenue for the special “VOTE” items, we can visit Junior’s website and take advantage of their 70th anniversary promotion through Election Day. Pick your cheesecake passion, and with a few keystrokes, it can be on its way to your table.

Through Election Day, Junior’s is offering $7.00 off! So whether you’re a traditionalist and opt for their Original NY Plain Cheesecake or have a more adventurous palate and wanna try Red Velvet, Pumpkin Pie or Cherry Crumb, among so many other choices, a delicious opportunity awaits you. Even Junior’s popular Strawberry Swirl Designer Christmas Cheesecake is available through the promotion! My personal preference is the Lemon Coconut Cheesecake, but the choice is yours.

With longevity in the restaurant business becoming rarer by the day, how does owner Alan Rosen feel about Junior’s 70th anniversary?

“I have mixed emotions this year, as we are all well aware the world is upside down right now. So we decided to have a low-key, socially distant anniversary. We put together our largest sale of the year online for seven days. We want to be smart and responsible citizens while still acknowledging this wonderful 70-year milestone.”

And what better way to celebrate such an occasion than to pass along an exciting discount to customers? Trust me; you’ll want to take advantage of this opportunity and promotion, as Junior’s cheesecakes never disappoint!

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Are you ready to celebrate voting? Which Junior’s cheesecake do you look forward to trying?