OREO captures the sentiment we need on Election Day

Oreos looked exactly the same in 1986 as they do now.Ydr 08xx86 Oreo
Oreos looked exactly the same in 1986 as they do now.Ydr 08xx86 Oreo /

OREO might always be playful, but this Election Day it is poignant.

Sometimes a cookie can bridge a gap and OREO has captured that idea on Election Day. Bringing people together can be better than standing alone.

While a cookie cannot solve the world’s problems, a simple gesture can be a step in the right direction. Many parents have used the kitchen table and a plate of cookies as a way to spark a conversation with their kids. That little sweet treat can be the starting point to something bigger.

With Election Day here, OREO shared this simple video that might be the inspiration that everyone needs right now.

That basic idea of life is sweeter when we come together extends beyond a popular sandwich cookie. Who hasn’t used food as the universal language to connect people? Maybe it is time to put down a plate of cookies, grab some milk and find what people have in common.

Of course, people can prefer to twist a cookie versus eat it whole. Some people might prefer to dunk their sandwich cookie. Even others might like to lick the crème center and then eat the cookie.

In the end, everyone loves the same cookie and enjoys eating it. Just because the steps to get to the end are different doesn’t mean that everyone can’t agree that the cookie tastes good and they enjoyed it.

Recently, OREO has captured what people are feeling. From its playful side to its Proud Parent moments, the connection between the popular sandwich cookie extends beyond that sweet indulgence. In some ways, these campaigns show that people and their connections are more common than different.

The connection between food and culture is and will continue to be strong. Sometimes a food makes people laugh, other times it brings back a memory. While you never want a food to make you mad, food does evoke an emotion and a connection. Maybe that plate of food can be the spark that people need more than ever.

This Election Day consider taking a moment to listen to OREO and its message. Let a great sandwich cookie bring people together. Don’t we all deserve a taste of the sweet life?

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What do you think of this message? Could food spark an important conversation in your house?