OREO Rainbow Cookies celebrate proud family moments

OREO Rainbow cookies, photo provided by OREO
OREO Rainbow cookies, photo provided by OREO /

OREO Rainbow Cookies visualize a colorful, loving community.

While the spectrum holds all the colors of the rainbow, OREO Rainbow Cookies honor the diversity in the LGBTQ+ community. These classic sandwich cookies are doing more than transforming their classic appearance, they look to honor proud family moments and community support.

In today’s world, conversations often take one step forward to multiple steps backwards. Although many people want and deserve progress, barriers, old school conventions and other stigmas can serve as roadblocks to change. Even though someone might be in your corner, a vocalization, visualization or willingness to stand up for that change solidifies that belief.

Over the years, OREO has embraced its playful side. Parents have found creative ways to incorporate the iconic sandwich cookie into memorable moments. While that cookie might always bring a smile, it can be even more. Those family moments are etched into lasting memories.

For LGBTQ+ History Month, OREO has partnered with PFLAG National on a special event. In addition to OREO Rainbow Cookies, the collaboration has debuted a short film entitled, Proud Parent. As it says in the film, “A loving world starts with a loving home.”

The story of this film is simple. Love, support and affirmation starts with the people who are closest to you. Those sentiments might be shown in a sweeping gesture or a small indication. When everyone can embrace those sentiments, the pride of knowing that people are in your corner will bolster every and any part of a person’s life.

As part of LGBTQ+ History Month, OREO has made 10,000 limited edition, first of its kind sandwich cookies. The OREO Rainbow cookies feature seven different colored crème filings. The colors are inspired by the Pride Flag.

Although these special cookies are not available to purchase in stores, fans have an opportunity to receive a package. In a way, the concept behind getting the cookies is the bigger celebration than the cookies themselves.

People are encouraged to participate in the OREO #ProudParent campaign. On both Instagram and Twitter, everyone is encouraged to share a photo that means allyship to them.

While there is a giveaway aspect to this promotion, this tag and idea are a bigger celebration of what love, support and commitment can be in any and every community. While there might be just 10,000 cookie packages, wouldn’t it be nice to see a 1 million messages of support using the #ProudParent tag.

Let the ending words of the movie resonate for a moment. A loving world starts with a loving home. It might sound a little sweet, but love does make the world go around. Whether the sentiment is bold and colorful or understated and subtle, share a little love with the people around you.

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