Cereal Snacking: Cereal brands make it easy to eat cereal on the go

Quaker launched new Cap’n Crunch Snack Pouches, photo provided by Quaker Oats
Quaker launched new Cap’n Crunch Snack Pouches, photo provided by Quaker Oats /

With cereal snacking, cereal brands skip the bowl.

Are you cereal snacking? While cereal is an anytime food, some cereal brands are making it more convenient. Who needs a bowl when you can grab and go?

For many people, cereal might be their favorite comfort food. While it might not be that classic recipe that grandma makes, it can be that taste of familiar which makes people feel good. Even if there isn’t a prize in the bottom of the cereal box, that favorite cereal can bring a smile.

Cereal has become an anytime food. Even as the breakfast table has become the family meal, cereal is just as popular at dinner as it is to start the day. That all day eating concept leads to the idea of cereal snacking.

While young children might have learned to pick up food and feed themselves by picking up cereal pieces, the idea of eating cereal as a snack continues to be part of many people’s lives. Whether eaten as its own or combined with other snacks, it seems that cereal is finding its place in the snack aisle.

Many brands are adapting to this concept. For example, Quaker launched new Cap’n Crunch Snack Pouches. Available in both Original and Crunch Berries flavor, these snacking bags make it easy to eat cereal anywhere, anytime.

These Cap’n Crunch Snack pouches are more than just those little boxes of cereal that people know. The packaging inspires the snacking concept. The bowl is left on the shelf and people see that cereal can be a snack, just like pretzels, potato chips or popcorn.

Whether it is the busy family who wants to give their kids a treat that will make them smile or an adult who would rather have a sweet snack versus salty, this option could change snacking trends.

Other cereal brands have adapted this concept. Launched previously, Kellogg’s Jumbo SNAX supersized their cereal pieces in their cereal snacking concept. Available in both single serving and bigger bags, the Kellogg’s Jumbo SNAX has been a big hit with cereal fans of all ages.

Looking ahead, there could be more cereal snacks coming. From snack sized bags of cereal to transforming favorite cereals into more snackable forms, the cereal and snack aisles could start combining. For cereal fans, this combination will be a good thing.

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What do you think of cereal snacking? What cereal brands would you like to see as a snack?