Tanteo Tequila challenges bartenders to use tiger nuts in a new cocktail

Tanteo Tequila Day of the Dead Tiger Nut Cocktail, photo provided by Tanteo Tequila
Tanteo Tequila Day of the Dead Tiger Nut Cocktail, photo provided by Tanteo Tequila /

Forget a worm, Tanteo Tequila asks if you will take the tiger nuts challenge.

Tanteo Tequila, as the only distillery owned by its co-op of agave farmers, has created a tequila that stands out in a crowd. Whether it is the bold flavored tequilas or its higher proof Blanco, this tequila demands attention. With this new cocktail challenge, the tequila brand looked to tiger nuts for ingredient inspiration.

Are you familiar with tiger nuts? Even though nut is in the name, tiger nuts are a root vegetable, not a nut. They are commonly used in African cuisine and have been used for centuries. Tiger nuts have become more popular with more people following a paleo diet, especially with their prebiotic fiber content.

If you have never had a tiger nut, the flavor is like a food mash-up. While the chewy texture is different, the flavor is like a cross between a Brazil nut, sweet potato and a little pecan, too. It works well in a smoothie bowl or even a salad. Some people grind them into a flour, too.

For Dia de los Muertos celebrations, Tanteo Tequila asked eight bartenders to mix up their best tequila cocktail using tiger nuts for the Mexican Standoff competition. The creativity behind these tequila cocktails were quite interesting.

Looking at the various tequila cocktail contenders, the cocktails ranged from horchata inspired sips to even a Texas Campfire s’mores inspiration. If you want to make any of the cocktails, they are available on the tequila brand’s website.

The really interesting part of all the cocktails is how the tiger nuts were used. From a tiger nut ice cream to infused milks, that slightly nutty yet sweet flavor plays well with the spicy Tanteo Tequila.

Still, only one cocktail could be the winner. The Mexican Standoff winner was The Voodoo Chili Blues.

Here’s the ingredients to make it.

The Voodoo Chili Blues

  • 1 oz Tanteo Habanero
  • 1oz Tanteo Blanco
  • .75 oz Belle Paire Liqueur
  • .25 oz Ginger Honey Tiger Nut Falernum
  • 1 Barspoon of Citric Acid Simple
  • Pinch of Salt
  • Rim: Sumac and Roasted Tiger Nut Blend

Since this Mexican Standoff competition was a lot of fun, my not try to create your own creative Tanteo Tequila cocktail at home. Tanteo has four different varieties under its brand. Each is a 100% agave tequila. The varieties are Blanco, Jalapeno, Chipotle and Habanero.

Personally, the Jalapeno variety is probably the most versatile flavor. Even a simple watermelon margarita with this tequila elevates the classic cocktail.

For a more adventurous sip this fall, consider an apple cider margarita with the Tanteo Jalapeno. Even consider adding a little Tajin spice to an apple slice as a garish. Or, even grind some tiger nuts and combine it with Tajin and cinnamon as a salt replacement.

As seen with this Mexican Standoff cocktail competition and the use of tiger nuts, cocktails can be served with a little flavor adventure. Why not try something new. If you don’t like it, you just pour yourself another cocktail.

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Have you tried Tanteo Tequila? What is your favorite tequila cocktail?