Why is everyone searching for this popular superfood?

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With more people cooking, a popular superfood seems to be on the most searched list? Are people trying to make healthy choices?

For many people comfort food is that craveable, delicious bite. Still, this one popular superfood has seen a spike in both searches and popularity. Although many people are baking to calm their nerves, others are looking to improve their recipe repertoire. Could superfoods be leading the way?

Generally, superfoods are certain foods that have health benefits. While some people might argue that cake or candy is a superfood food, health experts and nutritionists take a different approach. Usually, these superfoods are certain vegetables, fruits or even dairy that offer diet boost. It could be from extra vitamins to certain nutrients. Basically, these foods are considered better for you.

In a recent study by eachnight, the company found that sweet potatoes were the top searched superfood in 17 states. Other superfood searches included chia seeds, Greek yogurt and arugula.

There can be many reasons why superfoods are on people’s mind right now. From staying in to staying healthy, many people are trying to make smart food choices. Even if you occasionally have an extra glass of wine, you might want to balance it with a bigger salad. Sometimes it is about compromise.

Also, people are looking to food to make them feel good. While dairy can be a mood booster, it isn’t the only food that can have a positive impact. From eating enough vitamin C to getting enough nutrients, food can be an easy way to set yourself on a good track.

Looking specifically at sweet potatoes, there could be many reasons why this popular superfood has seen a spike in searches. In many ways, sweet potatoes are a very versatile ingredient. From a standard baked potato to a hash, there are many ways that sweet potatoes can be used in a meal.

Also, sweet potatoes can be used in desserts. Maybe it is time to break out grandma’s sweet potato pie recipe. Other ideas include puddings, cookies or even brownies. A quick recipe search shows many options.

For some people, sweet potatoes are a good paleo hack. Maybe the spike in searches is because paleo dieters want dessert but do not want to totally go off the wagon.

If sweet potatoes or any potatoes are in your pantry, remember a few smart storing techniques to keep them fresh. According to U.S. Potato Farmers, here are a few tips.

  • Keep potatoes in a cool, dark place. Don’t put them below a sink or next to an oven.
  • Don’t put potatoes in the refrigerator or freeze them (unless they’ve already been cooked).
  • Wash potatoes prior to use, but not before. Damp potatoes will spoil more quickly
  • Give them air, potatoes need to breath
  • Yes, if there are sprouts, you can cook them. Just cut away those areas.

Maybe sweet potatoes are the most popular superfood. With all the uses, it could be a reason to grab a bag the next time you’re at the grocery store.

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