Free fries from Popeyes are the answer to comfort food stress eating

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If you are stress eating, free fries from Popeyes are the ultimate comfort food.

When nerves are on high, stress eating hits new levels. Free fries from Popeyes could be that perfect bite of comfort food that everyone needs right now. Are you craving some comfort fries?

The past couple of days have been beyond chaotic. Without starting any political or philosophical debates, it can easily be said that many people are feeling stressed. As people doomscrolling, they are grabbing another plate, bowl or bag of food. It seems that the people are turning to food as a form of comfort, familiar or just to make the time pass instead of talking about counting.

Did you know that recent searches for “fries” and “comfort food near me” have surged in the past week? Given this current food trend, Popeyes wants to help and has created this special promotion.

Now through Sunday, November 8, 2020, Popeyes will offer one free regular size Cajun fry with any app or online purchase. Whether you choose a Southern Style Chicken sandwich, chicken strips or even some popcorn shrimp, everyone can get some free fries. Can’t we all agree that free food is a good thing?

Just to be clear, the free comfort fries are the same Cajun fries that everyone loves. The flavor or fries haven’t changed. They just are free for a limited time.

If you do want this Comfort Fries promotion, the order needs to be made through Popeyes. Third party deliveries are not available. The order if available one per guest, per day.

Let us all put some differences aside and agree on one thing. Free fries can bring smiles and you don’t need to county how many are in the box.

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