Popular hot sauces take over restaurant menus in a flavorful food trend

New Del Taco and Chaula menu items, photo provided y Del Taco
New Del Taco and Chaula menu items, photo provided y Del Taco /

Restaurant menus are getting a flavor boost from popular hot sauces.

One flavorful food trend has taken over restaurant menus. Popular hot sauces, like Frank’s RedHot and Cholula, are giving favorite foods a spicy upgrade. If you can handle the heat or just want to change up the norm, many restaurant menus have you covered.

Food trends tend to ebb and flow. Recently, it seems that hot sauces are everywhere. Beyond the food mash-ups like the MTN DEW Hot sauce, these new menu items look to give guests options beyond their old stand-by menu order. The boost in flavor is there, but it isn’t too extreme.

For example, Del Taco added many menu items featuring Cholula. While CRYS///P TYGER has sung its praises, these menu items show that there is a demand for bolder flavored menu items. While many people put Cholula on their home tacos, they are more than willing to enjoy that same flavor on a Del Taco Cripsy Taco.

Beyond the tacos and burritos, Del Taco even took the flavor to fries. Loaded fries featuring Cholula proves that this popular hot sauce goes on almost anything.

For other brands, like Subway, they turned to Frank’s RedHot to boost their new menu offerings. The Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Chicken takes that classic vinegar forward Frank’s RedHot flavor and brings it to a footlong.

While many people go to Subway for the footlong values, the new menu addition shows that people are craving that bolder flavor. It is more than just adding the condiment to a footlong, it infuses the flavor in every bite.

With popular hot sauces being added to restaurant menus, it begs the question, what food trend will be next. Since consumers are looking for familiar in their food choices, it might be more brand collaborations like these hot sauce partnerships. When people know a brand, they are drawn to it over and over. More cross-over options could be possible.

In the end, consumers will drive the next food trend. Right now, people want big, bold flavors and these popular hot sauces are satisfying that craving. What will be next? Your opinion could drive that choice.

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