The fans have spoken and MTN DEW Hot Sauce is here

New Mountain Dew Hot Sauce, photo provided by Mountain Dew
New Mountain Dew Hot Sauce, photo provided by Mountain Dew /

The DEW Nation will feel the heat thanks to the new MTN DEW Hot Sauce.

Better grab that Baja Blast because the new MTN DEW Hot Sauce is actually happening. As seen on NBA All-Star Joel Embiid’s socials, fans were able to cast their vote on the preferred hot sauce flavor. With all the votes counted, the hot sauce has been chosen. But can you handle the heat?

For many people, MTN DEW is more than just a refreshing beverage. The DEW Nation is a type of lifestyle. From embracing the moment to exploring what’s possible, that Mountain Dew beverage fuels every part of their life.

While MTN DEW has expanded into clothing and branded items, the new MTN DEW Hot Sauce is another expansion. In partnership with iBurn, the world-famous hot sauce shop, this hot sauce collaboration is sure to excite both the DEW Nation and foodies.

Since MTN DEW has a partnership with the NBA, asking for Embiid’s assistance in this hot sauce endeavor made sense. The NBA star is known for his love of hot sauces. The previous Twitter poll was an engaging way to excite the DEW Nation, NBA fans and foodies.

After all the votes were tallied, the hot sauce flavor will be Habanero. While fans could vote between four flavors, Peri-Peri, Fatalli, Habanero and Datil, 40% of voters picked Habanero. While the reasoning isn’t known, it could be that some voters were less familiar with the other flavor options.

As everyone anticipates a taste of this MTN DEW innovation, people should expect the distinct citrus flavor of the Mountain Dew to come through in the taste. Combining a bold heat, like habanero with the refreshing MTN DEW citrus notes, the hot sauce should have a great balance.

There should be many uses for this hot sauce. From adding some bold flavors to tacos to even spicing up that MTN DEW Garita at Red Lobster, the food creativity meter will be high.

But, there is a catch to this special MTN DEW Hot Sauce. There will only be 500 hot sauce bottles available and they will not be sold in stores. Fans will find out on Twitter how to get a chance to get one. Be sure to check back on MTN DEW’s Twitter page for all the spicy details.

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What do you think of the MTN DEW hot sauce? If it was available in stores, would you pay for one?