Can you handle the new MTN DEW hot sauce?

(Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images for MTN DEW)
(Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images for MTN DEW) /

Is the DEW Nation prepared for the MTN DEW hot sauce?

The DEW Nation is getting a bold flavor boost. The MTN DEW hot sauce is coming and based on the fans’ votes, it seems that the flavor will be extremely bold. Can you handle the heat?

While MTN DEW is a hugely popular beverage brand, it is more than just a sip of refreshment. The DEW Nation has become a lifestyle. From embracing the outdoors to fueling passions to wearing that passion on your sleeve, doing the “DEW” encompasses many aspects of daily life.

The next expansion of to the DEW Nation is a hot sauce. As seen in a tweet, MTN DEW partnered with NBA All-Star Joel Embiid and iBurn, world-renowned hot sauce shop, to bring a MTN DEW hot sauce to life.

Giving the MTN DEW fans a voice, the fans voted and the top choice for the flavor is habanero. Looking at the four possibilities, it seemed likely that this flavor would have been the top choice. While foodies might be familiar with the other pepper flavors, they are not as common. Still, a habanero and MTN DEW hot sauce sounds quite compelling.

Thinking about a MTN DEW hot sauce, there are many recipes or food options with this hot sauce. While it could be used to boost that taco, it could make for a fun mixer for a Bloody Mary. With the addition of the DEW Garita at Red Lobster, maybe there is a way to add this hot sauce to the mix.

Before creating recipes around the new hot sauce, the heat and balance will need to be tested. Thinking about the citrus flavors of a MTN DEW it should go well with the spicy pepper. As long as the DEW flavor isn’t overpowered by the heat, people might have to have this condiment with almost any meal.

While the flavor seems to be decided, fans will have to wait and see when this MTN DEW hot sauce will become available. Maybe it will be the ultimate holiday present.

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What do you think of a MTN DEW hot sauce? Would you buy it?