Dole Keto Berry Blend and Dole Boosted Blends make healthy eating easy

Dole Introduces New Boosted and Keto Smoothie Blends, photo provided by Dole
Dole Introduces New Boosted and Keto Smoothie Blends, photo provided by Dole /

Give a boost to healthy eating with Dole Keto Berry Blend and Dole Boosted Blends.

Combining convenience and healthy eating, the Dole Keto Berry Blend and Dole Boosted Blends turn that delicious smoothie into a tasty, nutritional sip. When all you have to do is pour and blend, there is no excuse for not getting more fruits in your daily food intake.

Many people follow different lifestyle choices. From Keto to plant-based to even intermittent fasting. While everyone makes their own lifestyle choices, brands understand that consumers want convenience that fits within those choices. As consumer shopping habits evolve, people want to be able to pick a product that does all the work for them.

The new Dole Keto Berry Blend is perfect for both Keto followers and anyone who enjoys a good smoothie. While the berry blend has been formulated to meet the Keto certification criteria (“only 8g net carbs per serving, using low sugar and high fiber fruits, and healthy fats”), the fruit blend tastes good. As anyone knows, taste is always important to keeping any lifestyle choice.

According to the Fatma Kokon, Director of Frozen Marketing of Dole Packaged Foods. “Maintaining a Keto diet can be challenging given the need to consume healthy fats while limiting carbs, and still craving a variety of refreshing and satisfying foods. Dole Keto Berry Blend makes it easy to add fruit to a Keto diet, and enjoy ripe berry flavors in a rich, creamy and convenient smoothie any time.”

The fruit blend includes “raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, avocado and a touch of stevia.” While some people might wonder about the avocado, that ingredient adds a smoothness, creaminess and richness to the texture. Avocado in a smoothie or even dessert boost the overall satisfaction and is an ingredient more people are using.

Since it is a Dole product, consumers know that all the ingredients will have their maximum flavor and nutrition. The only thing that the consumer needs to do is supply the blender and water.

The Dole Keto Berry Blend comes in a 12 oz package and retails between $3.99 and $4.49. A 4oz serving, when combined with water, makes a 10oz smoothie.

Dole Boosted Blends
Dole Introduces New Boosted and Keto Smoothie Blends, photo provided by Dole /

Another new offering by Dole is the Dole Boosted Blends. These smoothies have special “boosted cubes” meant to target certain feelings. The blends include Protein, Energize and Vita-C. Each one is meant to either start the day with a boost or provide a lift during the day.

From whey and almond butter in the protein to matcha green tea in the energize, these smoothies could be the spark to more healthy eating choices. When the day starts with a boost, it is easy to keep that pattern going.

Additionally, the Vita-C option might fly off store shelves this winter. With 220% of daily Vitamin C, many people might want this boost going into the colder months.

Also, these Dole Boosted Blends can be customized a little. Since each smoothie is made with your preferred liquid, every day can have a slightly different flavor. Each package yields four servings and has a suggested retail price of $9.99 to $10.99.

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