Stuffing versus dressing: Which are you serving at Thanksgiving dinner?

Rick Rodgers stuffing for Thanksgiving dinner.Wil Surefire Turkey
Rick Rodgers stuffing for Thanksgiving dinner.Wil Surefire Turkey /

Thanksgiving dinner is all about side dishes, but is it stuffing or dressing on the table.

A serious food debate is on the Thanksgiving dinner table. Are you serving dressing or stuffing? Is there really a difference or is it just a word?

For many people the Thanksgiving side dishes are the star of the Thanksgiving dinner table. As seen in recent reports, the most popular sides can be a hotly debated topic. From mashed potatoes to green bean casserole, everyone has an opinion on what food must be served on the Thanksgiving table.

One of the more popular Thanksgiving side dishes is stuffing or dressing. While many people think that the term is interchangeable, there can be a difference. So, yes, Stove Top stuffing Mix could really be Stove Top dressing Mix.

Looking back through food history, stuffing and dressing are very similar. One of the changes to terminology was because some people thought “stuffing” was an inappropriate phrase. Generally, people in Northern states tend to call it stuffing and Southerners say dressing.

Usually, the biggest difference in using the terms comes from how the Thanksgiving side dish is made. When the bread and seasoning mixture is cooked inside the turkey (or other poultry), it is stuffing. It makes sense, the bird is being stuffed.

Today, many people avoid putting a bread mixture inside of poultry due to cooking concerns. While a dry, over cooked turkey does not make a tasty feast, an under-cooked turkey is even worst.

Thinking about the cooking method, more people serve dressing. When the bread and seasoning mixture is made in a dish, it is generally called dressing. It can be cooked on the stove top, baking dish or other pan.

Whether you call the Thanksgiving side dish stuffing or dressing, the most important part is to make a tasty recipe. From the type of bread used to the seasoning, everyone has a few tips and tricks. Once you find a recipe, it can become one of those Thanksgiving staples. Even if you put turkey gravy on top, the Thanksgiving table isn’t complete without it.

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What do you think about the stuffing versus dressing debate? What are you serving this year?