Thanksgiving Turkey Nuggets by Perdue makes Thanksgiving dinner easy

Perdue ThanksNuggets for Thanksgiving 2020, photo provided by Perdue
Perdue ThanksNuggets for Thanksgiving 2020, photo provided by Perdue /

Thanksgiving dinner is easy thanks to the Perdue Thanksgiving Turkey Nuggets.

As everyone starts planning Thanksgiving dinner, the Perdue Thanksgiving Turkey Nuggets could be the easiest way to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast. If you aren’t confident about cooking an entire turkey, this special offer of Perdue ThanksNuggets could be the perfect solution.

The Thanksgiving turkey is often the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving dinner table. While mom might be a turkey cooking expert, other home cooks might have less experience cooking this traditional meal. Although no one wants a Clark Griswold holiday turkey moment, turkey tends be a part of most Thanksgiving feasts.

Even though more people have discovered the joy of cooking, cooking Thanksgiving dinner can be intimidating. As seen with this year’s turkey trends, many people are turning to smaller options, alternative main dishes and a variety of other ways to simplify the Thanksgiving celebration.

Perdue has come up with a unique solution that brings the traditional Thanksgiving flavors to the table, but in an easy, convenient way. No Thanksgiving insurance required.

The Perdue ThanksNuggets are Thanksgiving Turkey Nuggets. While the shape evokes the holiday, the flavors bring that whole Thanksgiving dinner to a more convenient form. Even the worst cook can bring a taste of Thanksgiving to the table.

Whether you call this idea the Lazy Thanksgiving or the convenient Thanksgiving dinner, the reality is that sometimes people want a break or even something different. Just think of the fewer dishes that have to be washed at the end of this meal.

According to Tracy Hostetler, VP of Marketing, Premium Prepared Foods , the brand decided to have “(a) little fun with it by launching our limited edition ThanksNuggets. Whether you’re celebrating on your own or just downsizing your feast, PERDUE ThanksNuggets pack your favorite flavors of the holiday into two effortlessly delicious turkey nuggets.”

Purdue makes Thanksgiving dinner easy with Thanksgiving Turkey Nuggets
Perdue ThanksNuggets for Thanksgiving 2020, photo provided by Perdue /

The ThanksNuggets are two different nuggets, Breaded Breast Meat Turkey Nuggets and Breaded Dark Meat Turkey and Cranberry Nuggets. The drumstick-shaped dark meat nugget draws inspiration from favorite side dishes, like cranberry and stuffing. The turkey-shaped white meat nugget “is inspired by everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving vegetable, the sweet potato.”

Of course, this Thankgiving dinner is a little fun, which is something that everyone might need this holiday season. People are ready to put the stress aside and just enjoy a simple, easy meal.

The Perdue ThanksNuggets will be available starting at noon EST on Friday, November 13. Only 100 bags of the nuggets will be available. The special Thanksgiving offer will be available on for just $19.20.

This year the Thanksgiving dinner can be effortless. Why not serve some Thanksgiving Turkey Nuggets from Perdue.

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