Campbell’s No-Fail Side Dish Recipes Will Save Thanksgiving Dinner

Campbell's No-Fail Side Dish Recipes, photo provided by Campbell's
Campbell's No-Fail Side Dish Recipes, photo provided by Campbell's /

Thanksgiving dinner will be easy thanks to Campbell’s no-fail side dish recipes.

Thanksgiving dinner will be a success thanks to Campbell’s no-fail side dish recipes. While everyone might fret about the turkey, the side dishes are usually the stars of the Thanksgiving table. When you look at the plate, isn’t it filled with side dishes?

Since the annual Thanksgiving dinner is meant to be a celebration, whether a large gathering or a small gathering, home cooks can stress over the perfect meal. While celebrity chefs can make the feast look effortless, the home cook might not have all the kitchen essentials at her fingertips. In some ways, the old saying, keep it simple, is the best advice in the kitchen.

Campbell’s is encouraging everyone to go back to basics for this Thanksgiving dinner. Even though people have expanded their cooking skills, some simple, no-fail side dish recipes help to make sure that the holiday dinner is a feast, not filled with frustration.

This year, Campbell’s has launched Dinner Insurance website. The website offers several no-fail side dish recipes that everyone can master and that everyone will love.

Recipes include Campbell’s Green Bean Casserole, Pepperidge Farm Savory Stuffing, Swanson Double Stock Mashed Potatoes and Pepperidge Farm Baked Brie.

No-fail side dish recipes from Campbell's
Campbell’s No-Fail Side Dish Recipes, photo provided by Campbell’s /

Looking at these recipes, they are the classic ones that everyone expects at Thanksgiving. While people might think that grandma is the original creator of that special stuffing that is always on the Thanksgiving table, it might have had some help from Pepperidge Farm.

These no-fail side dish recipes are classics. For many people a Thanksgiving dinner isn’t complete without Green Bean Casserole or heaping bowls of mashed potatoes.

With more people cooking at home this year, the simple, easy to follow recipes with readily available ingredients make the whole cooking process less daunting. As people look to streamline the Thanksgiving shopping process, using classic pantry ingredients in easy recipes helps to make the holidays less stressful.

Additionally, Campbell’s wants to leave the worry off the table this Thanksgiving. For people living in Manhattan, they are fully covered with Dinner Insurance.

According to Campbell’s, its Dinner Insurance website will allow Manhattan shoppers to submit a claim if their Thanksgiving side dishes go awry. After purchasing Campbell’s products via Instacart, Manhattan based consumers can learn more about the policy and claim information. And, on Thanksgiving Day, if the dish is a failure, they can upload that dreaded pic and get a replacement dish delivered.

Truthfully, with the no-fail side dish recipes, these classic Thanksgiving dinner recipes will be a success. And, next year, you might help mom cook Thanksgiving dinner. It could be the special bonus from that year of home cooking.

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How are you spending the holidays? Have you started to plan your Thanksgiving dinner?