Stove Top says ditch the comfy pants for a stuffy Thanksgiving dinner

NEW limited-edition Stove Top Stuffy Thanksgiving Collection, photo Stove Top Stuffing
NEW limited-edition Stove Top Stuffy Thanksgiving Collection, photo Stove Top Stuffing /

Turn Thanksgiving into a formal affair thanks to the Stove Top Stuffy Thanksgiving Collection.

Are you tired of wearing yoga pants? Stove Top understands that this year’s Thanksgiving dinner will be different from previous years. Why not make it a special occasion with the Stove Top Stuffy Thanksgiving Collection.

Sometimes just getting dressed up can make any occasion feel more special. Even that fast food dinner might be tastier when you put on a special outfit. Food and fashion are always a perfect pair.

Even though this year’s Thanksgiving celebrations might be smaller, why not make the event an elegant affair. The Stove Top Thanksgiving Collection is here to add a little glitz and glam to the Thanksgiving dinner. Wouldn’t it be nice to get dressed up again?

As Juliet Levine, Brand Manager of STOVE TOP, said, “Let’s face it: the sweatpants fatigue is real, and people are looking for any excuse to get dressed up this year. We hope our STOVE TOP Stuffy Thanksgiving Collection makes people look and feel their very best this Thanksgiving.”

The new Stuffy Thanksgiving Collection features a variety of fashion items. From a velvet dinner jacket to stufflinks, there is a Thanksgiving fashion statement for everyone at the table.

The Stove Top Stuffy Thanksgiving Collection is a different twist from previous offerings. Since everyone has been living in those “stretchy pants,” it is a good choice for this option to go in a different direction.

If you want to be able to wear a piece of the Stuffy Thanksgiving Collection this year, you need to act quickly The collection goes on sale, November 17 at 12 p.m. ET on The pieces retails between $4.79 and $30.

Additionally, Stove Top will be donating 50,000 meals to Feeding America this Thanksgiving.

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Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Will your Thanksgiving dinner be a formal affair this year?